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Big Rig Truckers - The Unsung Heroes of American Transportation

BIG RIG TRUCKERS THE UNSUNG HEROES OF AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION Trucking is an essential aspect of every single industry in the United States. Without big rig transportation, the economy would come crashing down. Food, clothes, electronics, medicine, construction materials, plumbing, gasoline-if you've got it, then a trucker brought it! Let's take an inside look at these road warriors. A DAY IN THE LIFE Many truckers spend up to 300 days on the road 300 every year, sometimes away for two to three weeks DAYS between visits home. Most truckers average about Drivers are often paid by mile, most average That comes out to x5 HOLLYWOOD 500 2,500 125,000 MILES PER WEEK MILES ANNUALLY MILES PER DAY That is nearly equivalent to driving from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. Same distance as driving around the entire world 5 times! DRIVERS DON'T HAVE A SET START TIME TO HIT THE ROAD As long as they meet delivery windows and follow mandated breaks, they can start with sunrise or drive overnight. OR 70 After working 70 hours, a driver must take off HOURS a full 34 hours. DRIVE A driver cannot drive more than 11 hours per REST FOR 11 10 day and must take a 10-hour break before THEN HOURS ONLY returning to service. HOURS HOME SWEET HOME States with the highest number of commercial truck drivers: 1. TEXAS 157,260 2. CALIFORNIA 126,490 3. PENNSYLVANIA 71,970 4. FLORIDA 67,340 5. ILLINOIS 66,050 *According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics THE MEDIAN ANNUAL WAGE FOR A TRACTOR-TRAILER DRIVER $38,700 $18.61 $60K 30.3ยข Annual wage of the top 90th percentile Average Median per mile hourly wage *According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics TRUCKIN' SOUNDTRACK Good tunes are vital to make the miles roll by. Here are some classic truckin' tunes: 1. sIX DAYS ON THE ROAD BY: DAVE DUDLEY 2. I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE BY: JOHNNY CASH W 3. TRUCKIN' BY: GRATEFUL DEAD 4. ON THE ROAD AGAIN BY: WILLIE NELSON 5. EAST BOUND AND DOWN BY: JERRY REED A GROWTH INDUSTRY The key role of trucking in the economy won't end anytime soon: 26% 67% 66% 2020 Projected increase in tractor-trailer truck driving Percentage of total freight in the U.S. Expected increase in trucking industry jobs by year 2020. transported by trucks. revenue by 2022. *According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 603.9 BILLION 9.2 BILLION TONS DOLLARS of freight are moved annually. in annual gross freight revenue. DID YOU KNOW? The entire trucking industry currently employs about 6.8 million people, with nearly 3,500,000 TRUCK DRIVERS. = 500,000 Truck Drivers HOWEVER, there is currently a shortage of about 25,000 TRUCK DRIVERS IN THE U.S. There will always be a need for good drivers as the trucking industry continues to grow. Experienced, reliable drivers may see an increase in wages as revenues increase. FUELING THE ECONOMY 5 2 BILLION BILLION DOLLARS spent annually on fuel by the trucking industry. GALLONS OF FUEL used annually by commercial trucks. AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNEY Trucks don't just move domestic cargo. They play a pivotal role in moving imported shipping containers from ocean ports to their final destinations across the U.S. TOP CONTAINERIZED IMPORTS 1. FURNITURE 2. AUTO PARTS 3. APPAREL 4. ELECTRONICS 5. FOOTWEAR PRODUCTS TOP 5 TRUCKING COMPANIES* *Based on 2013 revenue 30 $27.1 MILLION 25 20- $16.6 MILLION 15 10 $5.59 MILLION $4.87 MILLION $3.99 MILLION UPS FedEx J.B. YRC Con-Way Hunt Worldwide COMPANIES DANGEROUS BUSINESS? While many people believe that long-haul trucking is dangerous- between long hours on the road and inclement weather-the facts suggest otherwise. Only 2.4% of all car accidents The passenger vehicle is at involve commercial trucks. fault in 75% of truck accidents. SLOW Trucks are 3x less likely to be The rate of accidents involving involved in an accident than trucks has decreased 37% a regular vehicle. since 2003. While truck driving can be a thankless job, it's also a unique opportunity to see the country in a way that few others experience. Thank you, truckers, for keeping our country rolling along with your 18 wheels. '2290Tax .com DOLLARS (IN MILLIONS)

Big Rig Truckers - The Unsung Heroes of American Transportation

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A look at the trucking industry in the United States and how it affects everything from food supplies to the construction industry.


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