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Bicycle Types: How to Find the Right Bike

ALL BIKE ENERYTHING A BIKE BUYER'S CHEAT SHEET Whether you're a new cyclist or looking to get back into riding, there's a bike with your name on it. Before starting to shop, think about the terrain and type of riding that you plan to do. good bike shop can help you find your perfect fit, but here are some bike options to get you started. THE COMMUTER You want to avoid traffic and Go Green by riding to work. HYBRID BIKE Designed for versatility and ease of riding, hybrids have seen a rise in popularity. PRICE: $300-$2,000 TERRAIN: Pavement & Dirt Roads KEY FEATURES: o Upright Handlebars: Comfortable riding position o Hybrid Body: More durable than road bikes, lighter than mountain and comfort bikes. with good visibility on roads. o Thinner Tires, Bigger Wheels: Efficient pedaling and good grip on road and path surfaces. o Accessories: Customize it with a gear rack, fender, or lighting. CONS: Less aerodynamic than road bikes, so you sacrifice some speed. THE ADNENTURER | You spend weekends hitting the trails and exploring the great outdoors. MOUNTAIN BIKE Built to handle the toughest terrain, it's designed for off-roading and inclines. GO PRICE: $200-$3,000 TERRAIN: Dirt, Gravel, Rocky Trails KEY FEATURES: o Full-Suspension: Front and rear shocks keep you o Lower Gears: Designed to climb steep trails steady over rocks, ruts, jumps, and drops. with ease. o Disc Brakes: Stop on a dime and navigate tricky terrain with superior brakes. o Wide Tires: Tough enough to take a beating and maintain grip on dirt and mud. High cost can make mountain bikes a target for theft. You'll have to switch from knobby to semi-slick tires if you ride on pavement. CONS: THE ATHLETE Jogging is rough on the knees. You want to get your cardio in with a daily ride. ROAD BIKE Designed for the racers (and wanna-be racers) of the world, road bikes eat up miles with ease. PRICE: $700-$10,000 TERRAIN: Pavement KEY FEATURES: o Lightweight Body: Speed and agility make road o Skinny Tires: Less friction with the pavement bikes a preferred choice for some urban riders. means you go faster. o Drop-Bar Handlebars: Aerodynamic position is o Narrow Seat: Aerodynamic profile ideal for fitness and distance riding. Some people find narrow road bike seats uncomfortable. Susceptible to flats, so know how to change a tire. Road bikes are also a target for thieves. CONS : THE BEACHGOER You just want something simple to cruise to the beach. THE CRUISER Comfortable, leisurely riding without the bells and whistles. PRICE: $150-$700 TERRAIN: Pavement & Dirt Roads KEY FEATURES: o Single-Speed: Easy to ride; perfect for o Padded Seat: Again, it's all about comfort. flat terrain. o Coaster Brakes: Limited maintenance, easy for riders of all ages and experience levels. o Curved Handlebars: Sit up straight as you cruise around. CONS : Cruisers tend to be heavier and more difficult to ride in hilly areas. THE URBANITE You live in a crowded city without much room to spare. FOLDING BIKE Fold it up and store it easily at work or home-perfect for getting around big cities. PRICE: $150-$600 TERRAIN: Pavement KEY FEATURES: o Small Wheels: Make the bike easy to store, but o Adjustable Handlebars: Find your preferred limit top-end speed. riding position, whether you're tall or short. o Lightweight: Carry it onto the train and up the stairs of your Sth-floor walk-up. o Limited Gears: Not usually an issue for urban riders. Some newer models do offer more gears. CONS: Not the fastest or most stylish ride, but it's hard to find a more practical, easy-to-store bike. No matter your age or experience level, there's a bike out there for you. Hit the roads and get riding! -bike-870028?page-2 ing/

Bicycle Types: How to Find the Right Bike

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New to bike riding and not sure what type of bike is right for you? With so many options to choose from, it can feel daunting to start the bike shopping process. But if you know what type of riding yo...


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