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Bicycle Maintenance InfoGraphic

DARKRYE.COM BICYCLE MAINTENANCE BICYCLES ARE RAD. YOU, YOUR FRIENDS AND EVERYONE IN PORTLAND, OREGON, HAS ONE. OUR POST-OIL FUTURE HAS TWO WHEELS, AND IT'S OUR JOB TO KEEP THEM SPINNING. WITH JUST A FEW TOOLS AND LITTLE PATIENCE, YOU'LL BE WELL ON YOUR WAY TO ENSURING HUMANITY CAN STILL GET FROM POINT A TO B. AND HERE'S HOW.. TOOLS OF THE TRADE METRIC ALLEN KEY WRENCH SET CHAIN LUBE RAGS OLD TOOTHBRUSH You need a simple set that also includes a flat and Phil- lips head screwdriver. Keep everything tight and your bike will feel safe and secure. Get a bottle of simple all- purpose chain lube from your local bike shop. Lubed bikes are easy-going bikes. Don't use household grease or oil. Old towels, T-shirts, underwear. These all make the perfect bike cleaning rags. Save your old toothbrushes for scrubbing the hard-to-reach gears and parts of your bike. Your bike will love this. It's like scratching behind a dog's ears. ADJUSTABLE WRENCH SPARE TUBE PUMP TIRE LEVERS & PATCH KIT A pump will let you keep your tires running. Remember, feed your tires! A portable (mini) pump is handy as well, since you can take it with you. Tire levers are simple plastic levers for prying (caressing) your tire off the rim to fix a flat. Carry two with you for roadside flat fixes. If your wheels are held on with a nut rather than a quick-release skewer, you'll need an adjustable or crescent wrench to remove your wheels. Check the side of your tire for its tube size. A patch kit will let you repair small holes in your tubes. Happy tubes are essential to a bike's (and your) well-being. EVERY FEW WEEKS REMEMBER TO: CLEAN AND LUBE YOUR CHAIN Think about it. The chain is the component that binds your power to the bike's motion. So treat it with love. It doesn't take very long and it'll make your bike quieter, easier to ride and longer lasting. 1. With a rag, grab the bottom half of the chain (affectionately) as you spin the pedals backwards-squeeze tight and get as much grease and dirt off as possible. 2. Drip a trickle of chain lube (think of this like massage oil; I'm serious) onto the clean chain as you spin it backwards for a few revolutions. 3. Let the chain sit for a few minutes, then lightly wipe off. CLEAN AND OIL YOUR DERAILLEUR If your bike is a single-speed or has an internally geared hub, you can ignore this! Otherwise, drip a tiny bit of chain lube (this stuff is like bike candy) onto the bearing of the derailleur's two tiny gears. Wipe off any extra. Smile. Your derailleur loves you. It's going to run nice and smooth. CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE Riding with too little air means your bike is less efficient-you're working too hard! Also, an underinflated tire is much easier to flat. So feed your tires-they eat air! MOUNTAIN BIKE ROAD/RACING BIKE TOWN/HYBRID BIKE 40 PSI 100 PSI 60 PSI TEST YOUR BRAKES If you can squeeze the brake lever all the way 'til it touches the handlebar, your brakes are too loose. And your brakes are symbols of control in an otherwise chaotic world that rushes nowhere without aim. So tighten them up! EVERY FEW MONTHS YOU SHOULD PROBABLY: WASH/RINSE/DRY YOUR BIKE (WHICH IS TO SAY LOVE YOUR BIKE) 1. Don't use a hose with a spray nozzle-the high-pressure water can penetrate the bearings and cause problems. Instead, sprinkle your bike with indirect spray or water from an open hose end. 2. Scrub off dirt and debris from the frame, chain, chain rings, cassette and rims. 3. Use a toothbrush to scrub at grease and dirt in between the teeth of your gears. 4. When you're done, dry the excess water to prevent any rust from forming. Smile. Your bike loves you. CHECK TIRES FOR WEAR Slowly rotate your tires while looking closely at their rolling surface and sides for big cuts, tears, or spots where the rubber is worn thin. RAISE THE BAR REPLACE BATTERIES Here are a handful of ideas to take your bike mechanic skills to the next level. Replace the batteries in your lights. If you ride often at night, they will wear out. Keep them fresh to stay visible after dark. TAKE A CLASS: It's a great way to get hands-on practice working on your bike. It's like marriage counseling but only for your bike. CHECK YOUR WHEELS Riding on potholed streets can really beat up your wheels. Look closely at where the rim passes the rubber pads of your brakes. If there's a lot of wobble, you may want visit your local shop to get your wheel straightened out. UPGRADE YOUR "CONTACT POINTS": Your saddle, grips and pedals are the three places you touch your bike. Making sure they're in good cohdition can make a big difference. It's all about intimacy and communication. ADD BLING: You can add accessories like a rack, bell or lights to your bike to make it safer, more useful, and give it some personal style. Try thinking about your bike before you think about yourself. FENDERS ARE A LIFESAVER: If you ride in even occasionally wet weather, fenders are an easy addition that will spare you from showing up to work. with a soggy, filthy strip up your back from tire spray. CLICK SHARE TO DOWNLOAD A HI-RES PDF

Bicycle Maintenance InfoGraphic

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Your Friends and everyone in Portland, Oregon, Has One. Our Post-Oil Future has two wheels, and it's our job to keep them spinning.






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