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Beyond Texting: Avoid All Distractions While Driving

DRIVING DANGERS: AVOID COMMON DISTRACTIONS BLAH BLAH BLAH MEEEEE FOOD « TEXTING IN A RECENT SURVEY, ABOUT 58% 43% of high school juniors said they've emailed or texted while driving. of high school seniors and WHEN DRIVERS TEXT WHILE DRIVING, THEY CAN BE 23x more likely to get > into a crash, 121 PEOPLE WHO TEXTED WHILE DRIVING: 31 Had reaction times that were LMAD O RO Compare this to people drinking and driving, who have reaction times OMG 37.4% 12.5% SLOWER THAN WHEN NOT DISTRACTED. SLOWER THAN WHEN SOBER. CONSIDER THE RESULTS OF THIS TEST, WHICH INVOLVED MEASURING HOW LONG IT TOOK TO HIT THE BRAKES IN A CAR GOING 70 MPH: Legally drunk: ADD 4 FEET Sending a text: ADD 70 FEET SENDING OR RECEIVING A TEXT WHILE DRIVING CAN TAKE YOUR EYES FROM THE ROAD for an average of 5 SECONDS. [21 If you're going > 55 MPH, that would equal covering the length of a football field without looking at the road. EATING Research shows that people who are eating while driving have FOOD 44% SLOWER REACTION TIMES." [3) People who are drinking non-alcoholic beverages while driving have slower 22% reaction times. They were also 18% more likely to have poor lane control. WHY? TEXTING 37.4% slower reaction time DRIVING OVER LEGAL ALCOHOL LIMIT 12.5% slower reaction time IN AN NHTSA SURVEY, 21.3% OF DRIVERS SAID THEY NEVER ATE FOOD OR DRANK WHILE DRIVING." 5.6% 8.2% - 31.7% 33.2% said they did on all trips. said they did on most trips. said they did on some trips. said they did rarely. < PASSENGER INTERACTIONS BLAH BLAH Drivers were more Likely to have been distracted before a car accident if they had passengers in the vehicle. l6l 60% OF THE DRIVERS WHO HAD BEEN 80% OF PARENTS DISTRACTED BY SOMETHING IN THE VEHICLE BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: BELIEVED DRIVING WITH AN INFANT in a rear-facing car seat in the back of 47% 71% WORRIED IT COULD CAUSE A CRASH. the car was 'very distracting." 171 OF THE WOMEN OF THE MEN But of course, driving with your infant in the car is safe as long as you are aware of possible distractions and react properly. ..SAID THEY HAD BEEN DISTRACTED DIRECTLY BY THE PEOPLE IN THEIR CARS. EVEN PETS CAN BE DISTRACTING BY: 181 !!!! Chewing on the car's seats Whining for Getting carsick Placing paws on the steering wheel your attention It's believed that TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CAR ACCIDENTS ARE CAUSED BY PETS THAT ARE UNRESTRAINED. MISCELLANEOUS Kistreted> 3,000 It's estimated deaths result from crashes each year involving a distracted driver. 191 that more than THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF DISTRACTED DRIVING OTHER THAN TEXTING, INCLUDING: 21 Watching a video Using a GPS device Reading maps Grooming Adjusting the radio DRIVING DISTRACTED FOR A MOMENT CAN LEAD TO CATASTROPHE. DON'T LET YOURSELF BECOME SIDETRACKED ON THE ROAD; IT CAN DAMAGE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES AROUND YOU – FOREVER. Allstate. SOURCES You're in good hands. 11 (2) http://www. [31 wheel-more-dangerous-than-drink-driving.html [4] and Driving (5) (6] 171 [8] insurance-news/pets-may-pose-driver-distraction-hazard-800453293.aspx 19) 811629-060712-v5-Opt1-Web-tag.pdf

Beyond Texting: Avoid All Distractions While Driving

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Driving distracted–even for a moment–can lead to a catastrophe. While texting is one thing that can take your eyes off the road, it’s not the only way drivers can become sidetracked. Eating, int...




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