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Become a Car Seat Safety Champion

CARSEAT BECOME TRY before you BUY! JUMP TO SQUARE, can afford one. Group 3 for big kids 22-36 kg (48-79bs or approx. 6-11 years old) Group 2 and 3 seats are designed to raise children up from the car's existing seat so that the adult 3-point seat belt is positioned correctly across the pelvis, chest and collarbone. Other options: NEW seats are BEST! If you GO TO SQUARE 7 49* Booster Seat Group 1, 2 and 3 9-36kg (20-79lbs or approx. 9 mths to 11 years) CHILDREN MUST USE AN APPROPRIATE CAR SEAT UNTIL Group 2 for kids 15-25 kg (33-55lbs or approx. 4-6 years old) 12 UK CAR SEATS INCORRECTLY INSTALLED - Booster seat Uses the 3-point adult belt to restrain child -Uses belt guides to position the adult seat belt on child -Adjustable headrests move as child grows YEARS OLD OR 1.35M IN HEIGHT 782 66 OL UK CARERS O POLLED WHO 1Sagino GROUP THINK THEIR CHILD'S CAR SEAT IS INSTALLED PROPERLY BEL sure Group 1 for kids 9-18kg (20-40lbs or approx. 9 mths - 4 years old) - Usually forward facing More manufacturers will begin to offer more rear-facing options as i-Size regulation phases into law -Five point harness or impact shield to restrain toddler Secured to car via a base UK CARERS POLLED WHO FOUND INSTALLING THEIR CAR SEAT EASY or the seat belt - Adjustable head support and harness position to provide more space for growth Group 0+ and Group 1 combination seat 0-18kg (up to 40lbs or approx. birth to 4 years old) The seat MOVES! There's SLACK in the seat belt SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE the seat GO BACK TO GO BACK TO EITHE SQUARE 7 Group O for babies up to 10kg (22lbs or up to approx. birth to 6-9 mths) Group 0+ for babies up to 13kg (29lbs or up to approx. 12-15 mths) - Rearward facing to support and protect an infant's head, neck and spine Secured to car via a base (Isofix or belted) or the adult 3-point seat belt SQUARE 7 SIZE H37 Rhont-facing GROUP & 0+ 5-point harness to restrain baby THINK THAT CAR o SEATS ARE BASED ON AGE - WEIGHT AND S IMPORTANT FACTORS Yeur Studies show that rear-facing child seats are up to five times safer than those facing forward. It is illegal to carry a child in a rear-facing child seat in any front seat frontal airbag. REMEMBER! Children under 1.35m in height or under 12-13 years MUST use the Perform regular You SWAP the OR hear-facing? ted by an active TA- DAH! checks to make seat between 1in7 sure the seat is SECURE: CARS. GO BACK TO SQUARE 7 What is i-Size i-Size is a new regulation for child car seats that will run in parallel to the current regulation R44 over the next few years. The key changes are that i-Size will make rearward facing travelling mandatory for children up to 15 months. It will require ISOFIX only seats and the introduction of a side impact test. ASize will make it easier for parents to choose and install the right child seat and it will make travelling for children even safer. correct restraint PARENTS FACE THEIR CHILDREN FORWARD TOO EARLY Provided by: carloan OINSTALLATION CHALLENGE EXTRAS SOURCES: 3. Not all car seats will fit well in your car. Most good retailers will allow you to try the seat before purchase. Check the seat fits properly in your car wi If you intend to use the seat in more than one car, try to take both cars when purchasing. See for more guidance or - Try the seat in your car - if you cannot get it to fit securely, do not buy it. -Check that the seat meets the United Nations standard Regulation ECE R44 - look for the 'E' mark. Britax-Roemer 7. An improperly installed car seat significantly increases the risk of injury to your child in the event of an accident 4 &5. A used car seat may not offer enough protection s it may have been in a previous accident, not be up 8. READ and FOLLOW the manufacturer's instructions - If you've misplaced the instructions, you can usually find them published on the manufacturers site 2090574/One seven-parents- children-risk-placing-forward-facing-coar-seats-early.html to current standards or not have installation instructions. Car seat discount schemes may be available in your area - ask your local council's Road Safety Department 6. If you must use a 2nd hand car seat, only use one that you know the history of and only if it's not too old Before you agree to buy the seat: - Examine it carefully for damage (although not damage will be visible) Make sure the manufacturer's instructions are available. - Make sure the seat is suitable for your child's weight and height 14. Installing a car seat is not as easy at it looks - even the professionals sometimes get it wrong. Help is available! Most local authorities and child advocate groups carry out regular checks. has a list of locations. Badly-fitted-carseats-put-children-at-risk-Which-warns.htm/ car child-seat-safety-shocker advice-for-online-child-cor-seat-buyers-316209/ Redshift Research - 1000 parents who have a child's car seat 15. A 2011 study by The Guardian found that errors occur when a car seat is moved between vehicles. It installed in thei car June 2013 is important to the safety of your child that you ensure the seat is correctly installed in ALL vehicles you GROUP GROUP 1st timer? GET IT in the seat and CHECKED! IGHTEN harness Still going USED? MOVE UP 1 SQUA RE id hand? paset through HISTORY all coe FOLLOW t farct urer' nanurattur PUSH your weight into the child seat to make sure it's SECURE OR ? Use the guide to If your car seat select the correct is used, jump to car seat for your child's weight Square 4 START

Become a Car Seat Safety Champion

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78% of parents think their car seat is installed properly but only 49% actually are! Keep your family safe - become a car seat champion!


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