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Automobile Accidents In Australia

AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS IN AUSTRALIA WHAT CAUSES THE CRASH? AH, AUSTRALIA home to some of the world's loveliest landscapes and lethal animals. Yet even Great Whites and the box jellyfish can't compare to the biggest threat of all that hinders public safety NEGLIGENT HUMAN BEINGS. Motor vehicle accidents occur in any part of the world every 60 seconds. E While many people have experienced the dreaded “fender-bender" at some point in time, when do collisions become the careless consequences induced by driver negligence? EACH YEAR IN AUSTRALIA, THERE ARE MORE THAN 600,000 200,000 reported road reported crashes injuries 22,000 serious injuries requiring long-term 1,700 people killed in care and treatment road crashes TOP 5 CAUSES FOR AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS IN THE LAND OF OZ 01 NOSE-TO-TAIL The most COMMON car crash on Australian roads is the NOSE-TO-TAIL, as a result of TAILGATING (following the person in front too closely). When tailgating occurs, the car in front STOPS ABRUPTLY, leaving little space/reaction time to prevent an accident. RESPONSIBLE FOR 8.36% OF REPORTED INCIDENTS. TAILGATING THE 1 CAUSE OF REAR-END CRASHES IN AUSTRALIA. 02 DRINK DRIVING Drink driving is one of the main causes of road deaths in South Australia. Each year nearly a third of drivers and riders killed in road crashes have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the legal limit of 0.05 - the majority more than three times over the legal limit.' -Government of South Australia In Australia, 40% of fatal crashes involved alcohol and/or drug as a primary cause for collision Alcohol has been identified as a significant risk factor in collisions involving a pedestrian 42% of pedestrian fatalities found to have a blood alcohol concentration above the legal driving limit of 0.05. 03 SPEED An estimated 27% of fatal crashes in Australia are a result of speed/dangerous manner, In 2012, Victoria recorded a total of 282 deaths on the road, with speed as the determining factor of most crashes. Driving 5km/h or less can drastically reduce the severity of injury and potential fatalities on the road. 888 04 TEXTING & DRIVING It is illegal in all Australian states and territories to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving. talking Mobile phone usage includes any one of the following: Texting playing games taking photos/video using any other function on your phone Yet nonetheless, mobile phone usage whilst driving is at an all-time high, and contributes to numerous vehicular collisions, resulting in severe injuries, and many times, death. Despite the dangers and illegality, approximately 25% of recently suveyed Queensland drivers reported using their hand-held mobile phone on a daily basis to answer or make calls, as well as read text messages, while 14% reported using their hand-held phone to send a text message on a daily basis. II - Center for Accident Research & Road Safety, Queensland Approximately 46% of teens are guilty of texting and driving. 32% of all road crash deaths and serious injuries in Western Australia are a direct result of distractions caused by mobile usage whilst driving. 05 FATIGUE Fatigue is the silent killer on Western Australian roads and could be responsible for up to 30% of all road deaths. It is also thought to be responsible for a greater percentage of serious injury crashes, leaving many people with debilitating injuries JI for the rest of their lives. -Office of Road Safety Many states in Australia have 'Driver Reviver' sites: places where you can pull over and safely exit the vehicle, sometimes have a cup of tea or coffee, and stretch your legs. Many of these sites are located at picturesque spots and just off the main road. Despite such reststop alternatives, an annual 20-30% of car crash fatalities that occur on Australian roads are a direct result of fatigued, wearied and/or sleep-deprived drivers. THOUGH SOME CAR ACCIDENTS MAY BE UNAVOIDABLE FOR THE MOST CAUTIOUS OF DRIVERS, A MAJORITY OF COLLISIONS CAN EASILY BE PREVENTED, SIMPLY BY OBSERVING SIMPLE, SAFETY MEASUREMENTS. BROUGHT TO YOU BY DoYouHaveACase.Com.AU sources: June_2013.pdf net/news%20and%20alerts/campaigns/fatalfive/documents/mobile_phones_and_distraction_fs.pdf R

Automobile Accidents In Australia

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