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Auto Detailing Tips & Tricks Infographic

Auto Detailing Tips & Tricks Detailing Tips from the Pros! Don't use abrasive cleaners and chemicals to remove tree sap from your vehicle. Simply use Rubbing Alcohol! Save your paint! Throw away your snow brushes and replace them with a Snow Brum Original Snow Removal Tool! Clean your Glass in 2 directions! When drying your glass, do the final wipe of interi- or glass in a horizontal or vertical direction - then, on the exterior, in the opposite direction. This will help you see streaks. Always use two towels: one for applying the glass cleaner and one for drying the haze. Got Pets? Use FurzOFF! This is the best tool we have ever found to re- move pet hair - and it's environmentally friend- ly. Simply swipe it over the carpets or fabric seats to easily remove pet hair while vacuum- ing. Just be careful to avoid the plastic interior trim as it will scratch it. Use Two Buckets! Washing your own vehicle? Then use 2 buck- ets! One for soap - and one for fresh water. Use the soap bucket to apply - and rinse your microfiber towel/mit in the other. This will help reduce scratches and swirls from the dirty water. Steel Wool Want to clean chrome or windows with heavy grime? Don't be afraid to use #000 Steel Wool. It will not scratch glass or chrome - and leave the surface perfectly smooth with a light shine. Simply apply glass cleaner and rub gently with the steel wool - dry with a towel. EASY! %23 Floor Mats Looking for rubber floor mats this winter? Buy These are the best mats available and have a warranty as well. The DigitalFit are our personal favor- ites as they are laser cut to each specific vehicle. AEH Auto Detailing (860) 430-1889 - 799 Hebron Ave. Glastonbury, CT, 06033

Auto Detailing Tips & Tricks Infographic

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How do professional Auto Detailing Services get your car so sparkling clean? They use special techniques, products and tools to get the job done. Check out Auto Detailing Tips & Tricks, from the PROS!...


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