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The Anatomy of a DUI

the ANATOMY of A YIBIYDU[ripY DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: (CRIME AGAINST SOCIETY) Driving or operating a motor vehicle or common carrier while mentally or physically impaired as the result of consuming an alcoholic beverage or using a drug or narcotic. .08 48 In 2000, Congress In 2009, an average of one alcohol-impaired-driving fatality occurred every minutes passed the DOT Appropriations Act of FY 2001, adopting .08 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) as the national illegal One in THREE people will be in- limit for impaired driving. volved in an alcohol-related crash in their lifetime. TOP 10 STATES WITH DUI ARRESTS IN 2010. #9 #6 #4 #1 #10 #5 (#7 #2 #3 CALIFORNIA 195,276 NEW YORK 36,578 TEXAS 93,533 ARIZONA 36,200 FLORIDA 52,346 MICHIGAN 34,882 PENNSYLVANIA 51,402 WASHINGTON 34,098 NORTH CAROLINA 50,907 MISSOURI 29655 TOTAL NUMBER OF DUI ARRESTS IN 2010. 1,412,223 (estimated) PERCENTAGE OF CRASHES IN THE US THAT WERE ALCOHOL-RELATED (INJURY / NON-INJURY) 32% 5% INJURY NO INJURY !!! EARLY NIGHTTIME (1.2% THE PUBLIC 20% LATE NIGHTTIME .02% SOBER DRUNK DAYTIME 4.8% 20% OF THE PUBLIC HAVE DRIVEN A PERCENTAGE OF DRIVERS WITH MOTOR VEHICLE WITHIN 2 HOURS OF ILLEGAL BACS BY TIME OF DAY DRINKING THE DUI PROCESS 4. CONVICTION AND SENTENCING 1. ARREST Proof of an illegal BAC can lead to a misdemeanor up to a felony conviction depending on the circumstances. In most states, a suspected drunk driver can be arrested without testing (with probable cause). Sentencing for a DUI conviction can result in the following: (ranges are dependent on the con- viction level and number of charges) IMPRISONMENT 2. TESTING DUI offenders can get 72 hours up to 12 years of jail time. In order to provide proof of BAC level - specimen must be tested. (blood, urine, and/or bodily substance). FINE Convicted DUI offenders can be held re- sponsbile for a fine anywhere from $100 to $750,000. LICENSE SUSPENSION / REVOCATION Convicted DUI offenders can have their li- cense suspended or revoked from 30 days up to a lifetime revocation. 3. IMPRISONMENT Once proof of illegal BAC level has been established some COMMUNITY SERVICE states have up to a 72 hour im- prisonment time before sentencing. In some cases, the DUI offender can opt for community service in lieu of jail time or may be sentenced to time in conjunction with jail time. THE ESTIMATED COST OF A DUI $200 - 800 TOWING EXPENSES - depending on the number of days care is towed away for. LICENSE REINSTATEMENT FEES - depending on $100 - $1000 the state. $250 - $4000 LEGAL FEES $100 - $10.000+ FINES - depending on the conviction level can be up to $750,000. $5,000 - $40,000 INSURANCE Your insurance can double, triple or even be dropped for 3-13 years. DATA Brought to you by: Created by oBizMedia

The Anatomy of a DUI

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