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The Amazing Ways The Google Car Will Change the World

The Amazing Ways the Google Car V Will Change the World Google put the wheels in motion for their self-driving car back in 2008. 2014 finally sees the launch of their much-anticipated prototype. What's it made of? A laser sensor with 360 degree view and a range of 600ft. A radar to assess the speed of the vehicle in front. A powerful A windscreen made from plastic instead of glass. processor to regulate the car's activity as part of the network. A front made from A sensor in the soft foam to wheels to detect vehicle rotations lessen any potential collisions with pedestrians. and establish location. What can it do? The current design accommodates two people. 50 • The car is driven entirely by on-board computers and sensors. 25 • There's no steering wheel, no brake or accelerator pedals, and no gear shifts. • Maximum speed of 25MPH. How it Works • Powered entirely by a battery, with a Stop/Go button. STOP GO •It has sensors that eliminate blind spots. • With a 360 degree view, the Google Car can detect objects up to 600 feet away. • The car has two sets of mechanical controls for backup in the extreme event of a malfunction. Changing cities for the better •Huge impacts on safety are predicted, especially a reduction in crashes. •Google also hope to improve fuel economy, reduce parking needs, and bring mobility to those who genuinely need it. •In a recent blog post, Seth Godin recognised these major benefits: P. •No traffic lights (cars know what each other are doing) •Dramatically less pollution • Pedestrians and cyclists will be much safer •Fewer traffic jams (cars will have a lower top speed, but rarely stop) • No parking issues - the car can go away and return to pick you up •Instant and effective lift-sharing. The downsides •The suburbs will become less attractive as city-travelling will be very efficient. •Cities may become more crowded. • Privacy may disappear, as security cameras are ever- present and people's movements are tracked by the network. How much it will cost? • The technology required to make a driverless car exceeds $250,000. •Google will not disclose the RRP just yet, but rumours indicate the price will exceed that of the latest Ferrari model. • Moore's Law suggests all computer technology becomes cheaper and more wide-spread over time (think of the personal computer or the iPhone), so these high costs won't stay high for long. • Metcalfe's Law tells us that as networks expand, they get more powerful, so as more people adopt the technology, the more widespread it will become. Where can I get one? 2020 •It is estimated a further 100-200 prototypes will be made by the end of 2014. • Road testing is currently restricted to California only. • Intended for use in urban and suburban settings, not highways. • The Google car will be road-worthy by 2015 and is expected to hit the mass market by 2020. Making the World Safer •1.2 million people Worldwide die in auto-accidents: Google believes it can reduce this by as much as 90% with driverless car. •In April 2014, Google's self-driving car passed 700,000 accident-free miles. It can now avoid cyclists and even stop at railroad crossings. VI00,D00 •The only two incidents to date have been whilst the cars were operated manually by humans. DESIGN 911

The Amazing Ways The Google Car Will Change the World

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We've all heard about Google's plans to launch a self-driving car, but perhaps few of us have really gotten to grips with the full implications. Self-Driving Cars will change our entire infrastructure...






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