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Amazing Underground Constructions

Amazing Underground Constructions There's a whole lot more going on beneath our feet than you might realise. Underground Trains Shanghai Metro Stations: 377 Lines: 14 Passengers Per Day: 7.736 million Opened: May 28, 1993 = 1 MILLION PASSENGERS PER DAY CHINA RAIL LENGTH: 340.5 MILES Beijing Subway Stations: 319 • Opened: October 1, 1969 Lines: 18 Passengers Per Day: 9.751 million CHINA RAIL LENGTH: 327 MILES London Underground Opened: January 10, 1863 Passengers Per Day: 3.466 million Stations: 270 Lines: 11 UK RAIL LENGTH: 250 MILES New York City Subway Stations: 232 • Opened: October 27, 1904 Lines: 34 Passengers Per Day: 4.678 million USA RAIL LENGTH: 232 MILES Seoul Metropolitan Subway Opened: August 15, 1974 Passengers Per Day: 9.8 million Stations: 622 Lines: 18 SOUTH KOREA RAIL LENGTH: 203.2 MILES Mount Weather Bunker Bunkers Location: Virgina Size: 70 000 sq yard Owned By: Homeland Security Status: In Operation USA The Shanghai Complex Location: Shanghai Size: 107 600 sq yard Owned By: Chinese Government Status: In Operation CHINA Burlington Bunker Location: Corsham, Wiltshire Size: 169 400 sq yard Owned By: UK Government Status: Decommissioned UK The Vivos Kansas Shelter Secret Nuclear Bunker Location: Atchison, Kansas Location: St Georgen an der Gusen Size: 363 000 sq yard Size: 250 000 sq yard Owned By: The Vivos Group Owned By: Austrian Government Status: Taking Members USA Status: Under investigation AUSTRIA Natural Gas Pipelines The West-East Gas Pipeline Il Capacity: 1.1 trillion ft3 of natural gas, per year Route: Khorgas in North Western Xinjiang to Guangzhou in Guangdong Construction Date: 2012 - 2015 LENGTH: 5,656 MILES CHINA LENGTH: 2,607 MILES The Yamal - Europe Pipeline EUROPE Capacity: 1165.4 billion ft 3, per year Route: Urengoy gas field, North West Siberia Basin, Russia to Górzyca, Western Poland Construction Date: September, 1999 LENGTH: 1,700 MILES Altai Pipeline Capacity: 1059.4 billion ft3, per year Route: Urengoy gas field, North West Siberia RUSSIA CHINA Basin, Russia to Xinjiang region, China Construction Date: 2015 LENGTH: 1,679 MILES Rockies Express Pipeline USA Capacity: 583.7 billion ft3, per year Route: The Rocky Mountains, Colorado to Eastern Ohio Construction Date: 2009 LENGTH: 1,538 MILES Trans-Mediterranean Pipeline ALGERIA Capacity: 1066.5 billion ft3, per year Route: Hassi R'Mel, Algeria to Northern Italy Construction Date: 1994 РАTH Underground Cities Location: Toronto Opened: 1900 Size: 1.43 sq mi Use: Commercial Status: Open CANADA Underground City (RÉSO) Location: Montreal Opened: 1962 Size: 4.60 sq mi Use: Commercial and residential Status: Open CANADA Coober Pedy Underground City Location: South Australia Location: Beijing, China Opened: 1970s Size: 33 sq mi Opened: 1915 CHINA Size: 30 sq mi Use: Residential Use: Bomb shelter, today tourist attraction Status: Open AUSTRALIA Status: Open to tourists ableskills SPECIALISTS IN CONSTRUCTION TRAINING - Sources world-that-will-save-your-life-during-a-nuclear-war/ ****

Amazing Underground Constructions

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There is more going on under our feet than you may realise.




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