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All the Presidents' Cars

ENT OF T All the Presidents' Cars I DRIVE SAFELY VOL. I No. 001 Brought to you by I Drive Safely February, 2014 Changing with the times Since its invention in the late 1800s, the automobile transformed the way we do nearly everything. It brought a new level of speed and convenience to our everyday lives, but it also brought about increased dangers. As cars have evolved over the last century, so too have their safety features. This is perhaps best seen in the cars that transport our nation's leaders. Franklin Delano Roosevelt driving himself to an event. In the news President Acquires Notorious Presidential Assassinations Call for Improved Security Measures Gangster's Car William McKinley was the very first U.S. President to ride in a When the Second World War car. After he was assassinated in 1901, the Secret Service was arrived, the Presidential state car became a tasked with protecting the President, which includes driving his car. The next Presidential assassination was in 1963, when John F. Kennedy was shot in the head while riding in the back of a whole lot more than a sweet Caddie. Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Secret Service insisted that President Roosevelt be transported to deliver his 'Infamy' speech in an 1961 Lincoln Continental. armored Cadillac Town Sedan the Treasury Department had on hand - Security, Page A3 having seized it during the arrest of Al Capone. Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor Ánd Then Declares War on U. S. THE GETTYSBURG TIMES The notorious gangster's ride ended up being the first armored car used by a U.S. President. Eisenhower in a Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, one of the first off the assembly line. ~Advertisement~ The Cadillac of Presidents The All New Cadillacs have been associated with the Presidential state car since Taft drove a Model G. He was followed by Woodrow Caddie One Wilson, who favored a Cadillac limo, and on through Coolidge, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan, Clinton, Bushes Sr. and Jr., and Obama. Style and comfort without sacrificing security Keep in touch with both your friends and your nukes. Front passenger seat includes military satellite-enabled communications array allowing full command and control functions, so you never have to wonder where your chain of command is. Stop worrying about bullets. We've got you covered - in heavy armor made of titanium, ceramic, steel, and aluminum. Not only bulletproof, but explosion-resistant and completely sealed against biochemical agents. The best security you can get while staying transparent. Grab the handle and hold on - special loops make running alongside the car a breeze. The Presidential chauffeur is an expert Secret Service driver able to perform advanced maneuvers - including a J-turn. The trunk carries oxygen tanks, firefighting equipment, shotguns, grenade launchers, tear gas cannons, night-vision cameras, and a ready supply of blood of the President's type - so you can relax and enjoy the ride. POTUS The Beast Since the Kennedy assassination, the Forget the jack: heavy-duty, truck-sized tires can run flat on the steel Presidential state car has become undercasing for long distances. increasingly militarized, being outfitted with the most advanced defense and communications technology available. Concerned about exploding? Don't be. Caddie One runs on diesel fuel that's far less fiery than the regular stuff. And even though you'll be hauling some 20,000 Ibs., you can still get a solid 8 mpg from this beauty. For security reasons, its capabilities are shrouded in secrecy. But we do know some interesting tidbits including that the Secret Service has nicknamed the 20,000-pound behemoth 'The Beast.' SOURCES,258054,photogolleryfindex=lat-prescer_k81ikdnc-fdr-packard,0,258054.photogaileryřindex-ie-hy-prescars-colidge.ipg obamas-high-tech-super-limo htp:// hitp:// presidents-cors/ state_cor_(United_States) I DRIVE SAFELY

All the Presidents' Cars

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Since their invention, cars have served an important purpose in our lives. But when it comes to the President’s ride, a car serves an even more important role. Read on to find out how the President...


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