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The All-new Ford Focus Electric

All-New Ford Focus Electric Ford The all-new Focus Electric, which debuts in the U.S. in late 2011 and in Europe in 2012, is one of five new electric vehicles Ford will deliver over the next two years. Below are the components that will make up the zero-emissions, gas-free Focus Electric. 6 TRANSMISSION Has the identical role as in a gasoline vehicle; however, it has different design considerations due to the higher rpm range available from the electric motor and VEHICLE CONTROL UNIT 10 Monitors and controls each vehicle 1 MOTOR CONTROLLER system, and manages energy and mechanical power being delivered to the wheels to maximize range. Monitors the motor's state and uses this information along with driver pedal demand to manage the electric signals that drive the motor. increased emphasis on efficient and silent operation. The transmission is a single-speed unit. (11) BATTERY PACK Total energy capacity of 23 kWh with liquid coolant for thermal management; includes control module that manages 7 MODULAR POWERTRAIN CRADLE 2 HIGH-VOLTAGE ELECTRIC HVAC COMPRESSOR Is specifically designed for electric vehicle applications, drawing energy directly from the main battery pack. Enables quiet operation by holding the entire propulsion system within the engine compartment, isolated from the vehicle body. temperature and state of charge. 3 ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS AC CHARGER 12 Converts the AC electricity from the power grid to DC voltage required by the battery. A full battery charge can be completed in a matter of hours and the Circulates coolant for the motor, inverters, battery and climate control system. vehicle will accommodate both 120V and 240V power sources. 13 DC-DC CONVERTER Allows the vehicle's main battery pack to charge the onboard 12V battery to power various vehicle accessories (headlights, etc.). FOCUS ELECTRIC FACTS Final assembly location: Michigan Assembly Plant, Wyane, Mich. 11 Battery cell manufacturer: Compact Power Inc., Holland, Mich. 4 TRACTION MOTOR 8 ELECTRIC VACUUM PUMP Provides energy-efficient power-assisted braking. Battery system: Lithium-lon, liquid-cooled/ heated, recyclable Total battery capacity: 23 kWh Performs the conversion between electrical and mechanical power. Electric motors have efficiencies three times higher than that of a standard gasoline engine. Minimizing energy loss and heat generation. a HIGH-VOLTAGE ELECTRIC COOLANT HEATER AND Estimated cost to fully charge vehicle: $2 to $3 (based on nationwide average cost of $0.10 per kWh) CONTROLLER Specifically designed for electric vehicle applications, using energy-efficient technology to heat and circulate coolant. Heat also may be circulated to the battery to optimize performance. ELECTRIC POWER STEERING Is tuned to deliver the same driving dynamics as the gasoline-powered Focus. Wheel size: 17-inch Printed in U.S.A. O 10% post-consumer waste paper. Please recycle. 1/2011 FOR MORE INFORMATION, GO TO WwW.MEDIA.FORD.COM

The All-new Ford Focus Electric

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
So will it kick the Chevy Volt’s ass, as Ford claims? Unknown — we don’t know all the details yet. What we do know is the Chevy Volt’s got something the Ford Focus Electric doesn’t have — ...


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