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All About Auto Accidents

All About Auto Accidents: DUIs, Texting While Driving and More Cars are dangerous enough even when drivers are alert and responsive. Accidents happen all the time, but they're increasingly likely when distractions and intoxication come into play. Get the facts and find out how you can avoid becoming a statistic. Crashes are the Crashes are the #I cause of death for people ages 3 to 34 WOrk-related deaths #I cause of 39,000 to 46,000 people die each year due to crashes as well Distracted Driving ..---- .....- ... ...- ...... 22% of all crashes and near-crashes involve distraction 1.6 million crashes involved 16% texting, e-mail, or talking on phones in 2008 of fatal crashes involve distraction NHTSA estimates 11% of drivers are using cell phones at any time How BAC Impacts Your Driving ..... .....-...I = -0.02% Less effective at multitasking 2 Beers = -0.05% Tough to steer and focus on objects SPEED LIMIT = -0.08% 64 Trouble with speed control and reasoning = -0.10% Slow reactions, difficulty staying in lanes = -0.15% Unpredictable driving; major risk 7 Beers It's Not Just How Much You're Drinking... It's Also What You're Driving ... .... Total US vehicle crashes, 2010: 9,567,000 15,000 other (0.2%) 96,000 motorcycles (1.0%) 5,350,000 passenger cars A (55.9%) 276,000 large trucks (2.9%) 3,775,000 light trucks (39.5%) 54,000 buses (0.6%) Number of accidents per vehicle type, 2010: 20.6% of fatal crashes in 2010 involved vehicle rollovers Percentage of rollovers for each type of vehicle: 13% of large trucks 16% of passenger car 17% of vans 27% of pickup trucks 33% of utility trucks Environmental Dangers Length of roads SPEED LIMIT Population density 64 Geography Common vehicles Speed limits Location, Location, Location: States with the Most Vehicular Fatalities #I California 16,359 #5 North Carolina 5,803 # 4 Georgia 6,116 #2 Texas 13,636 #3 Florida 11,966 NFL Driving Infractions Since Super Bowl 2012 At least 33 NFL players - spanning over half of NFL teams – were arrested in 7 months following the Super Bowl, These are just the traffic-related incidents: Feb. 8: June 23: Ray McDonald, 49ers arrested for outstanding DUI warrant Muhammad Wilkerson, Jets, arrested for careless driving Feb. 13: Aaron Berry, Lions, arrested for suspicion of DUI J.T. Thomas, Bears arrested in traffic violation for possession of marijuana July 2: April 7: Darrius Heyward-Bey, Raiders Eric Wright, Buccaneers, arrested for suspicion of DUI arrested for DUI July 10: April 26: Brandon Meriweather, Redskins, Robert Quinn, Rams, įnvolved in single-car accident; later charged with DUI arrested for DUI May 27: July 14: Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks, Nick Fairley, Lions, arrested for DUÍ and evading police arrested for DUI June 2: July 19: Jerome Felton, Vikings, arrested for suspicíon of DUi Donald Washington, Chiefs, arrested for driving while on drugs, possession of marijuana and speeding June 3: Justin Blackmon, July 20: Jaguars, arrested for DUI RACKON Kenny Britt, Titans, arrested for DÜI June 10: David Diehl, Giants, arrested for DWI Average 6 incidents per month, I per week. How Can You Help Prevent Horrific Accidents?------.. Avoid multitasking at all costs when driving Help to enforce teen driving laws Wear seatbelts even when pulling out of the driveway Educate others and give rides if needed Never drive after drinking have a designated driver Remember: even if you drive safe, your neighbor might not. Stay alert. SOURCES Driving/Documents/Dstrct_Drvng White Paper_1_2011.pdf (driver distraction facts) http: tp:// (2012 documents and research) and fatalities.html Brought to you by:

All About Auto Accidents

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Cars are dangerous enough even when drivers are alert and responsive. Accidents happen all the time, especially when distractions and intoxication come into play. Learn how you can avoid becoming a statistic



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