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Air Freight vs Sea Freight For International Relocations

AIR FREIGHT OR- SEA FREIGHT FOR INTERNATIONAL RELOCATIONS WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU? THINGS TO CONSIDER There are many things to consider when trying to decide on the best way to get your goods from A to B. When it comes to international shipping, the most basic is the decision of what kind of transport to use: air freight or sea freight. Whether you're a business shipping internationally or an individual relocating overseas, deciding whether to go with sea freight or air freight is an important choice. There are four key factors you should consider when making this decision. %24 Cost Speed Reliability Environment Whether you are a business considering your bottom line or an individual with a strict budget, cost is an important If you have the need for speed when your are shipping your goods, there is no question that air freight is usually the faster option. Reliability is something we all look for in people, businesses, products, and As individuals, we all have a duty to look after the planet that we call home. As social services. How does ocean awareness of environmental freight and air freight stack up against each other in this category? Air freight shipping has a much, much shorter history than ocean freight shipping, yet air freight tends to win the battle of reliability. While some flights get delayed by weather and other factors, issues grow, busineses look to more eco friendly factor to take into consideration when getting your goods shipped. Typically, you will hear that shipping by sea is cheaper than shipping by air. And typically, this is true; however, this is not necessarily always the case. Get quotes from companies Many sea shipments can take around a month to arrive while an air shipment takes a day or two. For most business shipping, faster is better, so this factor could more than make up for a higher cost of flying cargo. However, for an individual moving overseas, where time is not such a consideration, sea freight could be more solutions in order to maitain their public image and protect their bottom line. On paper, sea freight seems to be the clear winner with much lower C02 emissions. However, considering oil spills and the water ecosystems affected by sea freight, the jury is still out. but airlines tend to be very on top of their schedules. that do both to determine which method fits your budget best. desirable. THE BENEFITS OF SEA FREIGHT ECO- FRIENDLY Sea shipping uses a low level of fossil fuels, which has a positive impact on the environment. This lower consumption of fossil fuels lowers emissions and leads to a reduction of carbon dioxide which benefits the atmosphere. NO TRAFFIC JAMS With the busy lifestyles lead by most people nowadays, everyone is searching for an efficient way of transporting their goods. Unlike other kinds of delivery, sea freightage encounters no traffic jams. Which, while not as fast as air freight means that sea freight is quite efficient. COST-FRIENDLY While the air freight is the most expensive in this game, ocean fright takes the exactly opposite side on the matter of money required. This is one of the cheapest ways to transport goods from one place to another as the cost of a ship reaching it's destination is shared by a lot of other cargo that is on that ship. This is why so many companies opt for it. IDEAL FOR HEAVY GOODS Ships can carry any kind of equipment, heavy machinery, cars or whatever other large product you can name. They can also store a lot of them at once, which means that rates are very competitive and they can service large demands with ease. This would be a great option if you have a large amount of goods that need to be shipped together. kg THE BENEFITS OF AIR FREIGHT THE FASTEST SHIPPING METHOn If time is a of the essence, air freight is definitely the best option for you. Lead times of air freight is typically between 2 days and a week. When compared to sea freights turn around of around 2 months (depending on destination), there really is no comparison. HIGHLY RELIABLE Airlines tend to follow a very strict schedule. As such, arrival and departure times are very reliable. With flights departing every hour or so, even missing a flight won't cause too much of a delay. HIGH LEVEL OF SECURITY Shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed. This also reduces the cargos exposure to theft and damage. LESS PACKAGING REQUIRED Air shipments, typically, require less heavy packing than won't be exposed to the elements for extended periods at sea. This means that you save both time and money to provide service for additional packing. ocean shipments as the c LOWER INSURANCE PREMIUMS $) Transportation time for air cargo is comparatively short, as such, insurance premiums tend to be lower. So while air freight can be expensive, this brings about savings in terms of lower insurance costs. INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: bluelion WwW.BLUELION.COM.AU

Air Freight vs Sea Freight For International Relocations

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Whether you’re a business shipping internationally or an individual relocating overseas, deciding whether to go with sea freight or air freight is an important choice. This air freight vs sea freig...


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