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Abandoned / Ghost Stations on the London Underground

ABANDONED / GHOST TUBE STATIONS ON THE LONDON UNDERGROUND THE CENTRAL LINE RUSSELL SQUARE GHOST GHOST CHANCERY LANE BRITISH MUSEUM WOOD LANE HOLBORN TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD WHITE CITY SHEPHERD'S BUSH COVENT GARDEN GHOST GHOS GHOST EPPING NORTH WEALD BLAKE HALL ONGAR THEYDON BOIS LEGEND GHOST MADE REDUNDANT BY ANOTHER STATION * Modernisation of Holborn. + Built to serve the Franco-British Exhibition and the Olympic Games in 1908, it was later superseded by the superior White City in 1947. VIDEO GAME CONNECTIONS (5) 1997 'point-and-click' video game "Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror' featured the museum itself with a secret tunnel connecting to the abandoned station, complete with a shy ghost. LITERATURE CONNECTIONS (3) The station appears in 'Pornography' (2007) by Simon Stephens. A brother takes his sister there saying, "It's for the British Museum. It's not been used for sixty years. They closed it because there was no need for it anymore" GHOST CLOSED DUE TO LOW PASSENGER NUMBERS WAR CONNECTIONS [1) Used by British Ministry of Defence during WWII and for a while afterwards held by the Brigade of Guards. [2) Used frequently by airmen travelling to and from North Weald Airfield. * HAUNTINGS / URBAN LEGENDS (6) Due to its proximity to the museum, the station was said to have been haunted even before MOVIE/TV CONNECTIONS [3) 1935 film 'Bulldog Jack' featured fictional station "Bloomsbury' based on British Museum with a secret tunnel leading from the actual museum to the station. The station was mentioned in the film Death Line (1972), but was not featured. A community descended from Victorian railway workers hide out in a fictional disused station "Museum', which was said to be located between Holborn and British Museum. [4] The BBC's 'Wildlife on One' investigated reports of scorpions living in and around the station in 1979. closure by the ancient Egyptian princess of Amen-Ra. (7) In the summer of 1976, a story ran in the Evening Standard with the headline 'Tube driver attacked by plucky rabbit at Blake Hall Station'. According to the story, the rabbit jumped into the open cab door whilst the train was stopped at Blake hall and attacked the driver. (8) Rumours circulated during the 1970s that the station was home to a colony of scorpions supposedly living in the sand drag at the end. of the rails. This was possibly a bid to save the station from being axed and although subsequently declared to be a hoax, many swear to have seen the yellow, inch-long scorpions. PAST ROUTE OF TRACK ABANDONED / GHOST TUBE STATIONS ON THE LONDON UNDERGROUND THE PICCADILLY LINE CHANCERY LANE GHOST KNIGHTSBRIDGE HOLBORN BROMPTON ROAD COVENT GARDEN LALDWYCH GHOST GLOUCESTER ROAD SOUTH KENSINGTON CALEDONIAN ROAD GHOST YORK ROAD GREEN PARK GHOST KING'S CROSS ST. PANCRAS DOWN STREET HYDE PARK CORNER LEGEND GHOST MADE REDUNDANT BY OTHER STATIONS * Relocation of Hyde Park Corner and Green Park enterences. "Rise of the Footsoldier' (2007) - Movie / filming location "The Bank Job' (2008) - Movie / filming location "Most Haunted Live: Total Darkness' (2008) - TV / filming location "Spooks' (2008) - TV / filming location "The Edge of Love' (2008) - Movie / filming location "Mr Selfridge (2013) - TV / filming location [5] The movie 'Creep' (2004) was set at Down Street. GHOST CLOSED.DUE TO LOW PASSENGER NUMBERS WAR CONNECTIONS [1) Used as an air-raid shelter during wW. [2] The Royal Artillery's Anti-Aircraft Operations Room for central London during WWII. [3] Briefly the HQ for Winston Churchill and his war cabinet. He nicknamed the bunker 'The Burrow. A MUSIC CONNECTIONS (6] Filming location for The Kinks' video clip 'Do It Again' (1985). The Prodigy's 'Firestarter' video clip was filmed in the tunnel (1996). [7] Hefner's song 'Down Street' (2006) tells the story of two lovers meeting at the station in the 1930s. Steve Hackett also wrote a song called 'Down Street' in 2006 which refers to the station after closure. MOVIE/TV CONNECTIONS THEATRE CONNECTIONS (8] Jevan Brandon-Thomas' 1928 West End farce 'Passing Brompton Road' took its name from the familiar cry from the guard. Anthony Chew's "Sailing By' (2008) also featured the station. (4] "Gideon's Day' (1958) - Movie / filming location "Battle of Britain' (1969) - Movie / filming location "Death Line' (1972) - Movie / filming location "Ghost Story' (1974) Movie / filming location "Superman IV' (1987) - Movie / filming location "Prick Up Your Ears' (1987) - Movie / filming location "The Krays' (1990) - Movie / filming location "Patriot Games' (1992) - Movie / filming location "Honest' (2000) - Movie / filming location "Dead Gorgeous' (2002) - Movie / filming location "Creep' (2004) - Movie / filming location "Spy' (2004) - Movie / filming location "V for Vendetta' (2006) - Movie / filming location "The Good Shepherd" (2006) - Movie / filming location "Primeval" (2007) - TV/ filming location "Atonement" (2007) - Movie / filming location VIDEO GAME CONNECTIONS [9) 'Tomb Raider " (1998) featured a stage at Aldwych station. (10] "Shadow Man' (1999) featured a battle with Jack The Ripper at Down Street station. O HAUNTINGS / URBAN LEGENDS [11] Night-staff supposedly disturbed the ghost of an actress from the The Royal Strand Theatre, the station's former site. PAST ROUTE OF TRACK ABANDONED / GHOST TUBE STATIONS ON THE LONDON UNDERGROUND THE DISTRICT LINE WHITECHAPEL ST. MARY'S GHOST ALGATE EAST SOUTH ACTON GHOST ACTON TOWN TURNHAM GREEN GHOST MARK LANE GUNNERSBURY MONUMENT TOWER HILL LEGEND ADVERTISEMENT GHOST MADE REDUNDANT BY ANOTHER STATION * After Aldgate East moved further east. Save Your SCRAP! GHOST CLOSED DUE TO LOW PASSENGER NUMBERS + District line Platform 5. GHOST CLOSED DUE TO OVERWHELMING PASSENGER NUMBERS + Insufficient room for expansion so Tower Hill was built nearby as a replacement. Britain's war industry needs METAL OLD RAGS WAR CONNECTIONS (1) Used as air-raid shelters during WWII. In 1940 the surface building was hit by a German bomb and severely damaged. It was later demolished. PAPER RUBBER For GUNS, TANKS & SHIPS PAST ROUTE OF TRACK ABANDONED / GHOST TUBE STATIONS ON THE LONDON UNDERGROUND THE NORTHERN LINE KING WILLIAM STREET GHOST GOLDERS GREEN River Thames 190 GHOST NORTH END LONDON BRIDGE HAMPSTEAD BOROUGH KENTISH TOWN ANGEL CITY ROAD GHOST 1901 - 1922 SOUTH KENTISH TOWN GHOST CAMDEN TOWN OLD STREET LEGEND ADVERTISEMENT GHOST CLOSED DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES * Small platforms, tight curves and steep gradients in tunnel. + Conserved area (Hampstead Heath). CONFIRM YOUR CONFIDENCE IN CHURCHILL GHOST CLOSED DUE TO LOW PASSENGER NUMBERS + When stations between Euston and Moorgate were temporarily closed to increase tunnel diameters, low passenger numbers meant it was not financially viable to keep City Road open. 5 South Kentish Town (orginally named Castle Road prior to opening) closed temporarily after a strike at Lots Road Power Station. It never re-opened once power was restored as it previously suffered low passenger numbers due to its proximity to co Kentish Town and Camden Town. N STATION NEVER USED / OPENED WAR CONNECTIONS [1) Used as a public air-raid shelter during WWII. (2] Used during Wl to store secret archives with access only available from the cabs of passing service trains. LITERATURE CONNECTIONS [3) Sir John Betjeman's story 'South Kentish Town' (1951) concerned a man trapped in the disused station and surviving by eating old Underground posters. It was inspired by the true story of a passenger who alighted at a red signal after the doors opened by accident. However, he realised his mistake and re-boarded. PAST ROUTE OF TRACK ABANDONED / GHOST TUBE STATIONS ON THE LONDON UNDERGROUND THE METROPOLITAN LINE LATIMER ROAD (Now Hammersmith and City Line) FINCHLEY ROAD O 1869 - 1940GHOST UXBRIDGE ROAD "12) 1868 - 1940GHOST SWISS COTTAGE KENSINGTON (OLYMPIA) 1868 - 1939 GHOST MARLBOROUGH ROAD ST. JOHN'S WOOD 1868 - 1939 GHOST LORD'S BAKER STREET EARL'S COURT LEGEND INFORMATION GHOST MADE REDUNDANT BY ANOTHER STATION * After St. John's Wood opened in 1939 The term 'Ghost station' refers to those that are disused and abandoned. Many Underground rail networks are littered with them, so if you look out the window at just the right time you may be able to spot the abandoned platforms of stations once bustling with people. This infographic excludes stations that were merely moved down the line, refurbished beyond recognition, had a name change or were closed only temporarily. It excludes any details on National Rail or Overg GHOST CLOSED DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES + Branch closed after damage caused by German bombs WAR CONNECTIONS (1] The station, line and goods yard were hit nine times by German bombs in 1940. STATION RESURRECTED [2] A new National Rail and London Overground station named Shepherd's Bush opened in 2008 on the site of the original Uxbridge Road station. KEEP BEYOND AMERSHAM (NOT PICTURED) The Metropolitan line once continued west, past Amersham, though it was decided that the line should deal with mostly urban locations. The line served Aylesbury, Quainton Road and Verney Junction. A separate branch also ran to Brill. They closed in the CALM AND MIND THE mid 1930s. Past route of track GAP

Abandoned / Ghost Stations on the London Underground

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Abandoned/Ghost stations are those which are closed and disused. Many remain fairly intact and some even feature time capsule-like qualities, such as WWII propaganda posters hanging from the platform walls.


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