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5 worst driving habits in the UK

THE WORST DRIVING UK HABITS IN THE According to a survey, the average British motorist will drive 269,296 miles, fill up with fuel 2214 times, and get stuck in traffic almost 10,000 times. As motorists we also pick up some pretty bad habits, here are 5 deemed to be the worst... An average British motorist will drive PARKING 62 TICKETS fill up with fuel get stuck in traffic almost 269,296 MILES in their lifetime 2,214x 10,000x motoristso will jump o 7 RED sound their get ? ? rack up horn at acyclist lost on 87 LIGHTS : 62XO371SEPARATE LOCATIONS 51 SPEEDING TICKETS 60 DRIVING DISTRACTED 2,525 OF ALL CRASHES EVERY DAY Y0% ACCIDENTS IN 2010 cause by distracted motorists 921,840 PER YEAR caused by the drivers failing to correctly observe what's going on around them admitted to styling their hair or changing clothes while the car was COMMUTERS in motion 25% 21% DRIVERS admitted that they couldn't tear their eyes away from advertising billboards with pictures of perfect models admitted to eating 72% food regularly while driving have admitted to texting while driving in 2013 31% DRIVERS AGGRESSIVE DRIVING AND ROAD RAGE Some drivers seem to think that they have the right to simply pull out into traffic and make everyone else brake for them 5:45 Pm PEAK TIME FOR DRIVERS TO GET ANGRY 7x while women got angry on only on a Friday as they fight the rush-hour, followed by Monday morning commutes MEN lost their temper behind the wheel OCCASIONS 85% have experienced frustration on the roads due to what they perceive as the errors of others considered 70% themselves a MOTORISTS respectful driver MOTORISTS most of the time TAILGATING are motorists who drive closer than 1 second behind the vehicle in front of them TAILGATERS said people driving too 79% closely behind them DRIVERS annoyed them more than any other driving habit have had to brake sharply because of a súdden jam ЧЧ4 MOTORISTS with 22% RECEIVING REAR-END BUMPS due to ill-timed braking 1/3 MOTORWAY CRASHES 40% that result in MOTORWAY DRIVERS personal injury involve tailgating tailgate You should always allow at least 2-SECOND GAP between you and the car in front ФР POOR PARKING There's now even a Facebook page called 4,000,000 "SPOTTED: PARKING LIKE A T***!" PARKING FINES WITH MORE THAN issued annually by British Councils 17,000 dedicated to featuring poorly parked automobiles LIKES USING UP MORE THAN ONE PARKING SPACE COMMON PARKING IN PROHIBITED AREAS FRUH PAS 1/3 OF 170,000WOMEN. who failed their driving test in 2010 failed due to parallel parking PARKING TOO CLOSE TO OTHER VEHICLES 45 SPEEDING MORE THAN (45 3/4 |mотORUTS SPEED LIMIT drive over the speed limit 36%> 17% 1/4 MEN WOMEN 45 agreed that it's acceptable to drive over the speed limit believe that driving over the speed limit is acceptable it carries some SPEEDING hefty penalty 3 MINIMUM £60 points POINTS FINE was the second most common bad habit of learner drivers being taught by their parents Fatal accidents are Traffic on Чх motorways 27% has grown FASTER 76% admitted as likely on rural roads as urban roads over the last 10 to going DRIVERS over years 35 is the risk of death when a pedestrian is hit a MPH APPROX. Чх 40 than =3O built up areas HIGHER MPH MPH SOURCES,,,,,,,,,,,, Blame-dad-Parents-passing-bad-habits-children-taking-practice.html Annoying-Driving-Habits driving-habits-revealed-how-many-are-you-guilty-of attitude-to-speeding-on-the-uks-roads-revealed/ accidents-in.html date/drivers-risking-lives-and-economy-in-preventable-road-jam-accid ents-tomtom-study-shows/6565/ drivers-cause-nearly-million-crashes-year.html named-shamed-Facebook-leaving-cars-precarious-positions.html -aggressive-drivers-prone-road-rage-wheel.html most-annoying-driving-habits.html dent-reckless-driving.htm types-Statistics-prove-women-worse-parking.html THE CAR BUYING SERVICE YOUR CAR WITH CONFIDENCE

5 worst driving habits in the UK

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Check out the 5 worst driving habits in the UK from The Car Buying Service.


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