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5 Tips for buying a used car

TIPS FOR BUYING A USED CAR 5 TOP ITEMS TO CHECK WHEN BUYING YOUR NEXT USED CAR INSPECT BODY CONDITION The vehicles exterior body condition will be your first step of inspecting your future used car. When doing an inspection on your vehicle slowly walk around the entire exterior. As you are walking around, inspect for signs of corrosion, body damage, and attempts to hide existing damage to the vehicle. Inspect for differences in the paint finish, if there are dull sections of paint on the vehicle this can be a sign that previous body work has been completed. INSPECT INTERIOR CONDITION After you have completed a thorough inspection of the exterior finish, the next step is too take a look at the interior. Make sure the doors lock and unlock and windows travel fully open and fully closed. Grasp the doors and try to move them up and down, is there worn door hinges that prevent the doors from closing correctly? Take a good smell of the interior of the vehicle, be very careful if you detect cigarette smoke or pet odors. These odors can be extremely hard to remove from a vehicles interior. CHECK FOR SIGNS OF TAMPERING This can be one of the harder things to check if you are not familiar with vehicles. "Rolling" back the odometer can be something vehicle sellers will do to make their vehicles more attractive to possible buyers. Take a look around, does the vehicle have limited mileage but the brake pedal is worn smooth. Is the steering wheel or door handles rubbed through. These can be signs that the vehicle has more miles than the odometer is showing. РOP THE HOOD With the hood open take a look at all the fluids. Check the engine oil and transmission fluid as well as other related fluids. Do the fluids appear dark? Is the fluid low? These can be a few items that can show you if the vehicle was properly maintained. If the engine oil is clean, ensure you check all the other fluids. Sometimes sellers will change the oil to help "appear" that they maintain their vehicles. By checking all the fluids you can ensure that they are not trying to hide something. TAKE THE VEHICLE FOR A TEST DRIVE This should be the final step after inspecting all other components on the vehicle. If the customer does not want you to test drive, maybe they are trying to hide something. When on the test drive listen for any abnormal noises. Ensure that there are no vibrations and the transmission shifts correctly through all of the gears. Information source

5 Tips for buying a used car

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Purchasing a used vehicle can be a nerve-racking event even for the most experienced vehicle buyers. Worrying about buying someone else’s problem vehicle is one of the things at the top of everyone...




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