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5 Signs Your Cooling System Needs Repairing (And A Cheap Way To Fix It)

5 SIGNS YOUR COOLING SYSTEM NEEDS REPAIRING (and a cheap way to fix it) WHAT IS A COOLING SYSTEM? Upper Radiator Hose Thermostat Coolant-Recovery System Heater Core Heater Hoses Cooling Jackets D). Down-Flow Radiator Lower Radiator Hose Water Pump WHAT IS IT'S PURPOSE? 4 + 50 = 4000 CYLINDER VEHICLE CONTROLLED EXPLOSIONS MILES AN GOING CREATES HOUR CONTROLLED EXPLOSIONS COOLING SYSTEM ENGINE HEAT COOL GOOD GLOSSARY WHITE SMOKE FROM EXHAUST SIGN COOLANT RECOVERY TANK Caused by - Steam condensing burned off by the engine. Commonly associated with a HEAD GASKET failure. allows the antifreeze and air in the system to expand with rising temperature and pressure. BUBBLES IN THE SIGN EXHAUST COOLANT RECOVERY TANK guides reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside the Caused by - Combustion or EXHAUST gases leaking across the head into the coolant due to a HEAD GASKET failure. car engine. НЕAD GASKET PUDDLE UNDER CAR SIGN seals the cylinders to ensure maximum compression and avoid Caused by -RADIATOR leak or a split hose causing coolant to lead out of the engine onto the ground underneath. leakage of coolant or engine oil into the cylinders. RADIATOR EXCESSIVE MOISTURE INSIDE 4 THE WINDSHIELD heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy from one SIGN medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating. Caused by - Leaking HEATER CORE in the cooling system. HEATER CORE WET MATS IN SIGN a small radiator through which the coolant 5 THE FOOTWELLS runs and warms the air which enters Caused by - Leaking HEATER CORE in the COOLING SYSTEM, the cabin. HOW CANI FIX MY COOLING SYSTEM? EITHER GET A MECHANIC TO REPLACE THE FAULTY PARTIS) UP TO $3500 OR USE A COOLANT LEAK REPAIR (SUCH AS K-SEAL') $15.99 E ONE-STEP PERMANENT COOLANT LEAK REPAIR K-Seal "the potential price of a severe failure and replacement of a vehicle's head gasket HOW DO IUSE K-SEAL? WHAT IS K-SEAL? SHAKE. STEP KSeal 1 K-Seal is a Shake the bottle vigorously (at least permanent coolant leak repair that seals most leaks including cracked HEADS, HEAD GASKET failures, blocks, RADIATORS, HEATER CORES and water 30 seconds) to ensure that the contents are evenly mixed. POUR. STEP 2 Add the entire contents to the RECOVERY TANK or RADIATOR (do not pumps. pour directly onto the CORE). K-Seal can be premixed with some water to accelerate dispersal through the cooling system. With a pressurizing cooling system it may help to bypass the RECOVERY TANK. HOW DOES IT WORK? RUN ENGINE. STEP K-Seal is drawn through the crack or hole with the Run the engine up to operating O temperature and the leak will stop within a few minutes. coolant and the unique ceramic micro-fibre and copper formula is deposited in the damaged (Top up the coling system as required. If preferred you can replace the coolant and this will not affect the original repair) area, WHERE CAN I PURCHASE A BOTTLE? TO FIND YOUR NEAREST RETAIL STORE, GO TO: SOURCES: K-Seal K-Seal infographic by RocketMill®

5 Signs Your Cooling System Needs Repairing (And A Cheap Way To Fix It)

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K-Seal is the 'miracle in the little blue bottle' and the best choice for coolant leak repairs. In this infographic, we show you 5 signs your cooling system needs repairing, and how K-Seal is a cheap...




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