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5 Signs that Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

5/- FIVE SIGNS THAT CARCILITY YOUR CAR BATTERY NEEDS REPLACEMENT ENGINE DOESN'T START, BUT CRANKING IS HEARD Whenever you turn the ignition, the engine starts with a crank. However, if you are able to hear the crank, but the engine fails to start, or repeated attempts are required to crank and start the engine, then chances are that your battery needs recharge. 01 ENGINE STARTS, BUT HORN AND LIGHTS ARE WEAK Most of the times, it is very difficult to know the battery is dying. Whenever you purchase a bat- tery of a good brand, its likelihood of failing is less. Hence, the battery is able to power the starter motor, but will not dissipate continuous power to light the bulbs or power the horn. If this is the case, then you will surely need an expert technician to know whether the battery is failing or not. 02 03 ON SOME DAYS IT'S FINE, ON OTHER DAYS IT'S NOT There are days when your car starts perfectly fine and you will not have any issues, and there are days when the battery fails to power any electrical equipment in the car. If this is the case, then you should immediately consult a battery technician. BATTERY IS SWOLLEN AND LEAKY 04 The day you notice leaks around the battery compartments, and increase in its size, that's the day you need to get the battery checked immediately. Yes, when the battery becomes old and dysfunctional, the cells enlarge and the battery bulges out. That's an indicator for a new battery. 05 BATTERY NEEDS FREQUENT JUMPING Yes, at times, batteries need jumping to start the engine. This happens when you don't use the car for a long time. However, if jumping is frequently required, then it's not your fault, it is the battery.

5 Signs that Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

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Learn if a battery replacement is needed and when to change the car battery.




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