5 Challenges of Last Mile Delivery for Ecommerce

CHALLENGES OF 9. LAST MILE DELIVERY FOR ECOMMERCE eCommerce companies must send out their products in a timely manner and send them out without any flaws. They need to minimize cost and friction, while maximizing efficiency and transparency in the situation. The last mile of delivery, or the process of moving goods from a fulfillment center to their final destination, is where most companies fall short in customer satisfaction and where the biggest costs emerge. Customizable courier software allows for both the buyer and the shipper full transparency and efficiency in the purchase to delivery process. CCOST There are plenty of shipping methods offered, but today's consumers like newer, faster ways of shipping, especially for small niche items. With courier and dispatch software, you can minimize cost per order by eliminating hiccups in the last mile. The cost of last Using third party software with GPS tracking will prevent costly mile delivery 28* accounts for 28% of total delivery costs to a mistakes. business. TRANSPARENCY We are getting used to having everything we need with the click of a button. To adapt to the expectancies of their clients, companies have added tracking codes to orders, but this still does not provide full vision of the process. Buyers want to be able to see exactly where the driver is and when the package will arive. Courier software eCommerce ensures seamless revenue delivery and real time tracking, giving customers access to growth has increased 47% in the past 5 47* all the information years. they need from their shipping provider. EFFICIENCY The business world is fast paced and unforgiving. In regards to same-day deliveries, a company needs to find the optimal route concerning the correct delivery person, the right spot, at the right time. Customer retention will not be achieved so easily today with just a good product. The process in which they receive the product is key. 62% of buyers are less likely to Driver 62, shop with a management applications streamline company again if a product comes 2 days late. communication, leading to much higher efficiency. FRICTION The less problems in any business process will maximize efficiency and minimize costs. However, due to customers schedules and particular situations, it is not always possible to have a frictionless process. You can minimize friction in transactions with the proper technology and readily available communication between vendor and customer. Courier management software can be customized to your Global B2C $2.3 eCommerce will TRILLION reach $2.3 trillion by 2017. Your 2017 business to automate the flow of information. communication should be optimized. POOR INFRASTRUCTURE Having a poor infrastructure results in additional costs, time lags and brings down customer retention over time. These are all controllable elements that companies can handle correctly with the right technology. Monitoring drivers and updating buyers on their packages in real time can save money and increase customer satisfaction. The shipping industry is very dynamic, but distribution Companies who 19 18 outsource infrastructure in particular services find a 19% software will allow you to meet improvement in quality & an 18% improvement in on-time delivery. your customers needs every time. Make the Right Call Customers today are demanding fast, frictionless, cheap, and efficient processes for purchasing and receiving their online orders. In order to fulfill these requests in an effective manner, eCommerce sites should have the latest courier software technology for tracking these orders accurately. The technology mentioned above is what will combat the five challenges of last mile delivery and allow average sized eCommerce to play on equal footing in the big leagues. PRESENTED BY: KEX SOFTWARE SYSTEMS Unlocking potential. Delivering results. Sources: ing-last-mile-delivery-process-in-ecommerce-logistics/#sthash.RJBOADWS.dpuf

5 Challenges of Last Mile Delivery for Ecommerce

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No longer do we see the internet as an untapped source of revenue growth for companies, rather, the competition in the eCommerce world is tougher than ever before. We saw eCommerce giants generating b...




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