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20 Ways to Boost Your Car Value

20 WAYS TO Boost YOUR CAR VALUE Researchers estimate that new cars lose as much as 20% of their value as soon as they are driven off the lot. But you can improve your car's value and hold on to it longer by keeping it in good condition. Here are some easy fixes to spruce up your car so it will sell for hundreds or thousands more. #1 GIVE YOUR CAR A FULL VALET #2 REPAIR DENTS A messy, dirty car will put off potential buyers. Spend a bit of money sprucing it up and you'll have By getting rid of those little dents, your car will outshine others on the market. more chance of selling the vehicle. #3 GET RID OF BUMPER STAINS #4 REPAIR CHIP AND CRACKS Unsightly stains can eat into the value of your car. Simple solution: keep your bumpers clean and in good condition. Don't give potential buyers the leverage to haggle you down. A small investment in windscreen repairs will protect the value. #5 CLEAN THE ENGINE BAY #6 GOOD QUALITY SAT-NAV Sat-navs The engine bay can become clogged with grime. By keeping it clean, you show potential buyers that you've looked after the car. have become an essential part of everyday life. People will pay a bit extra if they know it will be included. #7 BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE #8 RECORD CAR MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE RECORDS people phones. Installing bluetooth compatibility to your car is a great way to appeal to buyers and their need to integrate Most Buyers are willing to pay extra you can show that your car have smart has been well-maintained throughout its life. So make you keep service history. sure records of devices. #9 GET THE BASICS RIGHT #10 MOT BEFORE SELLING MOT Check the brake fluid, oil levels and tire PSI. It's surprising how the little things can add value. A car with nearly 12 months MOT is an attractive feature for buyers. #11 TAX #12 NEGOTIATION SKILLS CAR TAX PAY NOW> Sell when there's plenty of time left on the tax. This is very Nothing is than negotiating. Help yourself get the best possible price for more important appealing to buyers. your vehicle. #13 SHOP AROUND #14 RESEARCH THE MARKET 3. 3 SEARCH 3 Some used car dealerships will offer Don't undervaluing your car. Research the average price of your make and model. better price. So it a always pays to shop around. #15 WAX AND POLISH #16 CLEAN THE HEADLIGHTS CAR WAX This can help give a little extra shine to your car and make it more appealing to potential buyers. This can create a 'brand new' feel to the car. You can get cleaning products that specially made for the job. are #17 CLEAN & POLISH WHEELS #18 PROFESSIONAL DETAIL Similar to headlight cleaning, this little job can give your car that added lustre. If your vehicle is worth a lot of money, then it may be wise to get the pros in. #19 DEAL WITH BIRDLIME #20 RECTIFY THE RUBBER RUBBER RESTORER 5 LTRS rubber parts of vehicle can fade and look ugly. But there are products on the market that can restore the These blemishes can reduce The your value. Using specialist product to remove birdliming and restore value. car colour. PPCGB. PERFORMANCE PARTS

20 Ways to Boost Your Car Value

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When you decide to buy another new car, you could either immediately do it or you could sell the old one and use the earned money for the new model. Yet, do you get the same quantity as to the quality...






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