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20 Cars which hold on to their Value

RE The 20 least Depreciating Cars in Britain 020 8596 9961 REPLACEMENT ENGINES Every car depreciates over time and depreciation is Hhe veiled cost of buying a motorcar. CAP Black Book collects market data across 15 million transactions from all sectors of the car indus- try We have found out 20 cars that keep their value best in Britain In other words theses cars depreciate the least. The list is full of high end luxury and sports cars 20 Ferrari F430 Coupe (2008 - 2010) Audi Q5 Diesel (2008 - 2012) 19 Average new price retained 58.4% Average depreciation- £71,614 Ferrari P30 is Hhe 20th least depreciating car in Britain Average new price retained 584% Average depreciation- £12,871 The Audi 05 is serious hot cake. Your money's safe with a Q5. 15.4mpg F(38.5mpg 18 Lamborghini Murcielago (2006-2010) Audi Q5 Special Editions (2010-2012) 17 Average new price retaimed 584% Average depreciation- £90,809 The Lamborghini Murdelago is another case where depreciation is not really a Average new price retained 58.5% Average depreciation- £14343 Audis 05 special edition retains its value as it is a car in demand right now. 48mpg worry | 13.2mpg 16 Mercedes-Benz Viano (2010 - present) Porsche Cayenne (2010 - present) 15 Average new price retained 58.8% Average depreciation- £13,116 The Viano can be described as a six, Average new price retained 59.2% Average depreciation-£22,601 Porsche Cayenne is the first of hwo entries seven or eight seater. For Porsche F32.1mpg |22.7mpg 14 Land Rover Discovery 4 Special Edition (2011) Skoda Yeti Diesel (2009-2013) 13 LAND- ROVER Average new price retained 59.5% Average depreciation- £7,888 There is a long waiting list for new Yetis resulting in rock-solid residual values Average new price retained 59.3% Average depreciation- £18,790 The Land Rover Discovery 4 Landmark Special Edition came in two colours. This helped to give it bulletproof residuals. F 32mpg 45mpg 12 Morgan 4/4 1600 Tourer (2011 - present) Land Rover Discovery 4 Diesel (2009 - 2013) 11 MORGAN LAND- ROVER Average new price retained 59.7% Average depreciation- £12,094 This is the first of three Morgans on the list, proving that smal-run handbuilt sports cars can deliver strong residual values. Average new price retained 60.3% Average depreciation-£15,656 It still is a dass apart but has started to show its age. [35.Impg | 25mpg 10 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Diesel Special Edition (2011) Morgan Plus 4 Tourer (2004 - present) MORGAN Average new price retained-60.4% Average depreciation- £24,145 Toyota Land Cruiser is a true rivd for Land Rover Discovery as it offers a remarkably same residual value over three years. Average new price retained-61.8% Average depreciation- £12,729 Morgan owners tend to buy their cars for life, helping to preserve residual values. 135mpg 135mpg Porsche 911 Speedster (2010-2012) Kia Sportage Special Edition (2010) 8 7 KIA Average new price retained-61.9% Average depreciation- £53,798 In honour of the original 356 Speedster, Porsche Iprisingly, it holds its value rather well. Average new price retained - 62.2% Average depreciation- £7,718 Along with the abovementioned Yeti, it's one of only wo cars in the top 20 where the depreciation can be measured in just four figures. F 29mpg 47.1mpg| 6. Morgan Roadster V6 (2004 - present) Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Diesel (2008-2011) Average new price retained- 62.3% Average depreciation- £15,883 The Roadster V6 is a proper Morgan deliv ered in an unashamedly old-fashioned Average new price retained-62.2% Average depreciation- £7,718 This is a car for off-roaders. And as the retained values prove, it's still in high demand. 28.9mpg| manner. 25.2mpg Lotus 2-Eleven BMW X3 Diesel (2007-2011) (2010 - present) COTUS Average new price retained - 63.1% Average depreciation - £13,346 A BMW X3 will retain as much as 63.1% of its value after three years. Average new price retained - 62.9% Average depreciation- £11,961 They once in a blue moon come up for sale, but when Hhey do, youll inevitably need to spend the best part of B0k. |20mpg 135mpg Lotus Europa (2006-2010) Porsche Cayenne Diesel) (2010 - present) 2 COTUS Average new price retained-73.8% Average depreciation-£11,858 It retains a massive 3.8% of its value after three years, a full 8% more than the Lotus in second place. Astounding. Average new price retained-65.8% Average depreciation- £11,611 The Lotus Europa never truly won the hearts of the buying public, with the 'upmarket Elise' failing to become a big seller . (22mpg 33.2mpg /Replacement.Engines Contact Us /ReplacementEngines [email protected] Tube Unit 6H, Barking Business Centre, 8+ /+ReplacementEnginesCoUK Thames Road Barking, @ReplaceEngines Greater London IG11 0JP

20 Cars which hold on to their Value

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Price of any car doesn’t stay same and over the years it goes down. CAP Black Book collects market data from 1.5 million purchases from all sectors of the car industry. We present to you 20 cars tha...


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