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10 Cycling Safety Tips For Beginners

10 CYCLING SAFETY TIPS for Beginners FOLLOW THE HIGHWAY CODE This is an obvious point, but essential nonetheless. This includes wearing the correct clothing, using the correct cycle paths and bus lanes, parking your cycle and correct night time riding etiquette. SAFETY GEAR IS A MUST 2 Wearing the correct safety clothing is a must when on the road. This includes a helmet, sunglasses, gloves and reflective clothing. As for the bike itself, the correct reflectors and lights should be in place and used when appropriate. (3. WATCH YOUR SPEED In wet weather watch your speed as surfaces may be slippery and it will take you longer to stop. Generally, make sure you are going at the required speed or if the traffic is heavy, think about slowing down until it clears up. RIDE POSITIVELY AND DECISEVLY When you're out on the road, there is nothing more important than riding with confidence and making the correct decisions. Accidents often happen through a clear lack of communication between driver and cyclist, so for beginners you may want to stick with roads or a route that you're familiar with to get used to it. SIGNALLING IS KEY Always signal your intentions in order for the driver to anticipate your movements. ALWAYS MAKE EYE CONTACT Making eye contact with other road users, especially at junctions, is a must. Then you know they've seen you and vice verca. 7>LIGHTS AT NIGHT Use your lights and consider wearing bright or reflective clothing at night and in bad weather conditions. This is particularly important when riding in a busy urban area, people must be able to see you at night to ensure complete safety. BEWARE: THE KERB 8. Give yourself plenty of space on the left and don't feel intimidated if a car behind you is being impatient. By moving closer to the road you avoidand rains or roadside debris, and of course, the kerb. You'll also help driver s think more carefully about when it's safe to pass you. 9> POSITION YOURSELF Positioning is an important part of becoming a road cyclist. If yoU struggle with balance, practice in an area where you are comfortable before taking to the road. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry ROAD WORKING CONDITION (10 The first thing to do before each journey is to check each elements of your bicycle are road-ready. Check your tyre pressure and adjust if necessary. Do you have any cycling tips to add? Sources: Created by: Cycle Claims *...*

10 Cycling Safety Tips For Beginners

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This visual is great for those who are starting out cycling on the road. Here are some essential tips for you to feast your eyes on to help you in becoming a safe and capable road cyclist.


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