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10 Amazing World Records With Cars

10 AMAZING WORLD RECORDS WITH CARS FASTEST CAR 中 0 MAN O CYTEC In 1997, Andy Green set the world land-speed record in the Thrust SSC, travelling at an incredible 1,227.985 km per hour (or 763.035 mph) in Nevada. That's a speed of Mach 1.020, making the Thrust SSC the first car ever to break the sound barrier! 2 LONGEST SKID 0NEAR SPIRIT OF Prior to the Thrust SSC's success, Norman Breedlove attempted to break the land-speed record in the jet-powered Spirit of America. Unfortunately, he lost control of the vehicle and ended up with a different record instead - the world's longest skid! It was an impressive 10km in length! 3 LONGEST JUMP NOLIMris Travis Pastrana jumped his rally car off the Pine Street Pier and onto a floating barge in Rainbow Harbour, Long Beach, as part of a Red Bull event. He cleared an impressive distance of 81.99 metres! LONGEST DRIVEN JOURNEY H 134001 This record was set by Emil and Liliana Schmid in their Toyota Land Cruiser. They started their journey in 1984 and are still going. As of April 2017 they'd travelled across 186 countries, covering 741,065 km. TIGHTEST PARALLEL PARKING IGHTEST CARShow KALLEL PARKING RHISIA ASTAR MOFEA Alastair Moffatt managed to squeeze a Fiat 500C 1.2 Cult into a gap that was only 7.5cm longer than the car! (The previous record, held by Han Yue, was 8cm.) LONGEST WHEEL|E == PE a PT Cruiser specially customised for such Driving stunts, Mike 'Nitro' Kunz achieved a record-breaking wheelie (or wheel-stand) of 763.4m! That's wheelie impressive! OLDEST CAR La Marquice The La Marquise, a steam-powered four-seater manufactured by De Dion Bouton in 1884, is recognised as the world's oldest functioning car. Fuelled by coal, wood, and paper, the car has a top speed of 61 km/h (that's 38 mph). It won the world's first ever automobile race in 1887. LONGEST CARWASH CAR WASH This record goes to Buc-ee's on the I-10 in Texas, a carwash measuring some 255 feet in length! It has 25 foam brushes and 17 blowers (and 32 vacuum stations for the interiors) and can clean 16 cars at a time. MOST CHEERLEADERS ||N A CAR Because why not? 20 members of the Comets Cheerleaders were able to squeeze themselves into a standard two-seater Smart-car measuring a mere 2.69 metres. Talk about car-share! MOST EXPENSIVE NUMBER PLATE 10 When he bought a number plate at an auction organ- ised by Emirates Auction Company in 2008, Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri also acquired a world record. The plate, bearing the single digit '1', cost him a cool Dh52.2 million - that's about £7.2 million! It's the most expensive number plate in the world. Designed & Compiled by: PLATES4LESS 01792 477316 Sources: 7084 shey/lots/r153-1884-de-dion-bouton-et-trepardoux-dos-a-dos-steam-runabout/190071 leaders-cram-into-one-smart-car-guinness-world-records-italian-show-432011

10 Amazing World Records With Cars

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Longest, fastest, oldest; these are ten of the most amazing world records with cars presented for your reference.




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