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007 Cars

(JAMÉS/BOND ULTIMATE VEHICLES GUIDE *vahicles with ovar 90s screan tiva A celebration of both the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise and the showstopping vehicles that have appeared alongside 007 over the decades, some driven by super villains, some by Bond himself and some.well you'll se. П.: SKYFALL Vehicles expected in the upcoming Bond film. SKYFALL Aston Martin DS vW Boctio Coming. 26th October 2012 Range Rove Fvocue Joguar XJL a0: Diven by Bord QUANTU Casino Royale Quantum of Solace Jag.a XB Aston Marin DBS Aston Mortin Ford Edgo hyctogen) Ford ca (trycdrogen) As'on Mcrtin DBS vo ve $40 15 Furd Crewn victgrio loolicel Alfu Rumuo Ford Mance Ronge Rover Sport VW Bcetie AFO Romo Audi A Ford 3ronco Deimler Limcus ne New Holcnd tractor Scyflont S70 Jag.a X8 Douglos DC3 The Aston Martin DBS stunt teatured in Casino Royale ccheived 7rolls kaunching i inlo the world records. Die Another Day Aston Martin DBS cars Aston Mortin PHASSI Saichblode Jaguar XKR were destroyed while filming the stunt roll at a cost of Ford Forlane Boeng 747-400 Thuncerbrd $300,000 Ford GT-40 Hovercraft each! ice Drugsler "Har The World is Nof Enough Tomorrow Never Dies Ason Mcrtin Range Rover P3RA BMW 28 Sive Shadow Submorine Rols Royce Victor I Doimler Limousine G's Retiromont Hot alr boloo" Farchaws Speedboot Ford Scorpio Vowhal Cmegn 007 BMN RI200 Mercedes W125 Buzzsaw hellcopter Sea Shadcw Aero L-37 Abalros HMS Cevorshke Now pay attention, Bcnd. FMS 3edlord HME Chaster DID YOU KNOW? le Goldeneye', a male piot was made up to losk like Farmke Janssen in the scenes where her character, Kenia Onatopa, is seen firing the Eurocopter. DID YOU KNOW? Pierea Broenan hurt his hand in hic battreae at Farme in Malibu before shooting began, so in several shots his hands were daubled by his 22 year sid con Chrietopher Branan. GOLDENYE Goldeneye These inokuds: pulling on a hand brake ir the Astor Martir DBS, flipping open the glave Carapertmeat to revtal a bettle of chilled Balingat chamegae, using the lasar ir the opening bunges jump and cutting through the flear of the train with the laser in 00TE wristwarch. 007 ASon Mortin Mercedes W140 ZAZ 969 Farrarl 355 D:D YOU KNOW Armoured Troin Eurocopler Tigar 155-M5 Famke Janscen's Ferrari was actually reated and, following a collalon durg fving with Bons's Aston Martin DB6, It had to be repaired at a cast of $30k. Latoyetto cas Migale Pilatus PC-5 Cagiva W00 lalab ETY DALTON LEEME TO KuL COINGE Licence lo Kill The Living Daylights Lincoh Mark VII LSC Rols-Rovce ST ShuCOw Ason Mcrtin Audi 200 Vantga Voiante Avarile Jeep CJ-7 Audi 200 Quat 1o Mercuy Grand Chevrolet Marquis lim o Caprien Land Rover I Armeuredl Rover 800 Masaratl Piturne Range Rover Sentnel Min SuD Land Rover II GMC Vandura Mercedes Berz will Tarker ZIL-41047 VAB AFV Panhcrd AM. DD YOU KNOWP BAA Harier T.10 Vienna tram Nimrod lan Fieming had strcag viewe on rasd safsty and campa gned for more dramatic raad signs. Lado 1500 Lockheed C130 Hercu es Vehicles that Didn't Quite make the Cut The Living Daylights' had the famous srowbound essape for Bard aind Kara on her celo case with celo punt. Sama mades af traa spert in the mevies ara arguadly not dectined to be classes as proper Bord vehicies. Aad how about the escape Here's a ter that wa fael aran't In the ges pipelne capcuk? ppropriate to join the halwed ranks or are they? POGERCRE A View lo a Kill Oclopussy Ford roncO Ronge Rove Convenible Fod LID BMW S18 Auslin FKA lad Cnorokep U 007 Cheviolet Corvelle C4 Cadid 75 Feelwood Mercedes 250 ta Romes Auto Rickshaw rCb.d Docae Diplomat Beechcrct Twin Jeech' Reng it1 1tox Renau t Fuego ACIOstor Jet Steam Locomotve Fot Ar Balcor Alligalor boat Rols Rovce Pran'om Il Me rain Zorin's Ars ceberg Submaine Glortron Cason C-537 ladder truck Rorge Rove Converble Leow ) Lafrance Nos don ESEOND Do Future Bond Cars? James Bond is the ceintecsential British secret ageat. It ody cneme right that he drives arthtypically Britisn sars such as the Lotus Esprit. Latus ceased praduction of the Esprir in 2004 but annorced thet a new model of their beloved Gar will eater preduction in 2013. FOR YOUR EVES ONLY For Your Eyes Only Could this be the future vehicle st shoke for Bend? Lotus Espit Turbo Mercedes 290SE Rolb Roce Siver Wcith | Citroen 2CV Peugeat 504 Yamaha 500KT GP Beac Bel 206 Jet Rong HMS SI Goo'co ACBng BIGER NOGTE MOONRAKER Moonraker The Spy Who Loved Me AMC Conccrd Jeep Waconeer Lo us Espril S1 Lolus Espit 32 Leykand We Nellie Amphicion Snerca van Cheviolet Verareio Rolk Roycs Ford Cortina Mk IV Mi-i Make Kawesaki 2200 Boeing 747 Ispoce Sh. tie) SIver wicith Concorde Lockheed Space Shurtlo Trein trom Specaboat SS Lporus Egypl Glottron CV23HT Handley Poge Gondolo Jatstream We Like Sumaine HMS Fearlesi hovercralt -AMS IVEANO LETDE ROCER MOe GULOLN CUr The Man with the Golden Gun Live and Le Die Chevrolnt Chevele Chevrelet mpala AMC Hormet AMC Malcdor Secan MG MGB Mini Moce Cherolat NovO AMC Matador Mercedes-Benz Rols Royce Wi15 monorail Co-pe Silver Shadaw Soen 47-100 Slae per Train Scohowke Tovota Colica Rols Rovce GI AMC Matador Rlying Cor Pran cm Republic RCS Soabco AEC Recent Da be becker bs Sunbeam Aoinn Sean Conmer -James Bond ob7 piamonds Are Farever Best Offensive and Detensive Bord Car Vehicle Weapons Asten Martin Vangqu'sh Adaptive Camoutlags Techroicgy: Tiny cameras or bo'h sides et the vehicle display what they record on the other side, renderig it almost nvisib Aston Martin DES The Sodinger vehicle is the most gadget-laden car Bend has ever driven. it's tyre slashers, oil diek spcats, behird-headiight machine guns, bullet-proot shield and sjector caats are to name Mot or. Diamonds are Forever Trumoh Stoa Ford Galace 30 Fod antom s00 Aston Martir VE Vantege Velarte The ratractabie outrigger skis and rstractab's tyre splkes wake this car the best equipped sar for Ita ervirowment. It's armed with terward facing raiesile lachers and hubcap lasers. Ford Murang Ford Thunce brd Codloc Have Bahosub Mourtoatter SRN4 Hovercror onda ATV Lotus Esprit S2 The Sor Whe Lovad Me san Bend's first multi-envircaent vehicle, equally at hame cn land or tramforming tor Foed Econoine 30eng 707 Bel 204 under gea ercursione. $5 Canbera Moon Buagy PAR UPI PAR OUT! FAR MORE! Jamss Bons is buekt The Oddest Vehicle Commandeered by Bond Mocn Buggy In Diumonde re Furar, the Mean Bagay being tected in a Willare Whyte lab. Band hotwires this vekicle wd eccapes the guards * the lab. Bond uses its robotte arma agslast CE ef the socurity persannél of the taciity. On Her Majesty's Secret Service The Galaringer DB5 Auction Arton Mann DRS Ralk RCYCA Bell 204 In Jure 2010 RM Austions announsec the apcening sale of the Aston Martin D85 ased i Coldringa K The vehiele had bean wned from 1964 by Jerry Lee, Pred dent of WBEB Radic in Philadelphia. Marcury Cougar Marcedes Bene Bel 206 It soid for £2,600,000 Marcedes Eoru OHA SnO piough Bobsen JB Đ07 KUP! SIAN CONNERY IS AMES BOMI DOWN DUOK OUT! YOU DMN LIM r E SEAN COMNERY THUNDERBALL You Only Live Twice Thunderball Lincon Coninental oneca C130 Daco Volone Ninga Corgo nio Kowcsa KVIC SA Ugring Boeing B17 Fvng oris Eash suomonne Pore Thunde bind undeoun Soace Cop Doope Pelaro Ute Neso Wols WA1 Aak 91:roplore Avovican Aon Morn AS Spor JAMES BOND S BACKINACTION! S BOND EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES TURMS TO EXCITEME NI! *GOLDFINGER Goldlinger From Russia With Lave Caroon Leaced Uncon Coninento Ford Mano Comelioe Cheviolet 3 HORbed Fuck Hiler UH-12 Raver Orert boress Foa Roncher ford hunderoira Marcece Bera Fairay unee ipeedboct Siver Wiot Awesome vehicies heve been synonymous with Bond since the first movie, 'Dr. No' with the manstrous Dragon Tank that spewed sheets of tiames at the haplecs lacals. Dr:No . By the way... The wse he ret car Band wau aver seem Dr. No sunbeom Apine vounal Cresia hevoet Rel A convertinie unbeam Alpine Seriestood Losalle heone Chevrclat oda sedon CARS by MANUFACTURER in JAMES BOND NOVELS Alfa Romeo lan Fleming's car of choice for James Bond was a 4.5L Bentley, usually the Mark IV, a model that nevcr existed in realily. Chrysler 6% General Motors Bentley 36% Ford 12% Fleming's Bond vehicles didn't sport the gadgets seen in the movies. The fow optianal extras seen in prinl includc the occassional revolver and rore car phone. SAAB 17% Lotus 17% lan Fleming never owned a Bentley or an Aston Martin. Fleming's first car was a Morris, whom he called Zoroastra. His last car was a Studebaker Avanti. Celebrating 50 Years of James Bond 1962 - 2012 Sources lantlan ngimagsccartesyoftalening.con mposters co.rtesvMKMand DN htta/rnwedamkirlıy.omtenektra htta/wnwedankırlıy.comallery_fdesMecaR_ E_95peklisxstkar dYwnkad httaMenwnersometientertainantrxvishnd turtis unrld recerdistiry if-fmvr IAINI lalnwinll Om'ille EArivi htl//mnkijnlaurywik Ais uf_lumes Hond vwhiels htta/anwkipataerywik/huns Brd http//n taerywikteAN3 Letus Esprtt Tron (uarteripg htta//mwdxstaorgwik/stn Martin DS htt:Imer 2011/H dsmardlewelyning http//rnw.mif .00n medic gilleris/inine_prriere Lesmont_lkwelmjng htta// picture53160 htm httaenwjwesiodnmcnkvenikes Infagraphic by INFOGRAPHIC Heaven The car hire comparison search engine 1970 - 1979the Seventies 1980 - 198%he Eighties 1990 - 1999he Nineties 2000 - 2010ne Noughties 1960 - 196%he Sixties Pierce Brosnan's fourth and final outing paid homage fo many Bond films in this 40th movie anniversary. Daniel Craig takes over as Bond and the Aston Martin DB5 makes a welcoma retrum Timothy Dalton's portrayal of Bond was more in keeping withh Fleming's Bond character. Bond returns after a protracted absence from the Siver Screen. OUS a rsh ps, addball alligator boats, mni Roger Moore burst onto the screens as a more edsy golng. George Lazenby plays Bond for the frst and only time in one of hte most accurate adaptations of Fleming's senes. Sean Connery reprised the ro e one final fime affer George uôie sejoow peudái seupjdos "puog pespe-Jeuos uoiidape, Bu juioddosip sAqueZDi

007 Cars

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The ultimate James Bond vehicles guide.


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