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The Zombie Phone Killer - Mobile Device Management

MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT: THE ZOMBIE PHONE KILLER Zombies are everywhere you turn. Movies, books, and games are being overrun by Zombies and now they are taking over your company mobile phones. A mobile device that you, as a corporation, believe is dead, but in ZOMBIE PHONE? reality is still alive, with monthly carrier services still attached. Zombie phones arise from either employee exit or WHAT'S A R.P. PHONE BYOD transition. There are two ways Zombie phones manifest themselves: THE WALKING DEAD Many organizations allow an exiting employee to keep their company phone and transfer the monthly billing to their personal account. About 10% of the time, the transfer of the device does not go through. The carrier service remains on the company's account, and the company continues to pay the bill -- the zombie device is now draining money from company coffers! EX-EMPLOYEE B.Y.O.D. BURIED ALIVE During the BYOD transition process of employees turning in their phones to IT or Human Resources, the phones find their way to a forgotten box in the back room and the carrier service termination never takes place. Whew!! The phone stays in storage with service attached. And there it sits, buried out of sight, sucking resources from the company. COMPANY STORAGE COSTLY OVERSIGHT One of the biggest challenges with recognizing the threat of zombie phones is being able to see the threat from the corporate perspective rather than from the individual perspective. When taken in aggregate the true nature of the threat of Zombie phones can be seen: Mid size company: 40 zombie phones x $900 service cost $36,000 %3D 500 mobile lines 8% of total $75 per month, $900 per line annually Annual total cost of Zombie phones Large company: 5000 mobile lines 500 zombie phones × $840 service cost $420,000 Annual total cost of Zombie phones 10% $70 per month, $840 per line annually of total Very large company: 5000 zombie phones × $720 service cost = $3.6 million 50,000 mobile lines Annual total cost of Zombie phones 10% $60 per month, $720 per line annually of total SOLUTION: MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT The zombie phone problem is not going away and is growing in complexity with BYOD. But an integrated mobile device and expense management solution can kill the zombies. In a single month of deployment, a mobile device management solution begins to pay for itself by identifying all zombie devices and removing them from the company account. For a company like the bio-tech firm, that is an extra $70,000 that suddenly appeared in the budget! KILL THE ZOMBIES IN YOUR ORGANIZATION AMIEL OM WITH

The Zombie Phone Killer - Mobile Device Management

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As the BYOD mobile devices found their way into business use, some interesting problems emerged for enterprises. Our analysis of medium to large enterprise environments with a mix of BYOD program devi...


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