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Is Your Smart Phone Stressing You Out

IS YOU R SMA RTPH ONE STRESSING YOU OUT? IS THERE SUCH A THING AS TOO MUCH COMMUNICATION? Find out if your smartphone is helping or hindering your sanity THE AVERAGE SMARTPHONE USER... hello Makes, receives, and avoids Can't go more than 22 PHONE CALLS 6.5 MINUTES ...A DAY without checking their phones THE "ON CALL" SYNDROME Sleep loss is a predominant issue for smartphone users, due to a need to "stay connected" at all hours. The average person needs 6-7 hours of sleep. Sleeping less than 5 hours on a regular basis can result in Yet 56% of Americans feel that they don't get as much sleep as they need. Smartphone activity is becoming one of the top reasons for sleep loss. serious consequences. 84% of people sleep with their phones on a regular basis. REGULAR SLEEP LOSS IN ADOLESCENTS CAN LEAD TO... CAR ACCIDENTS DUE TO PREMATURE AGING SERIOUS HEALTH RISKS HIGHER LEVELS DROWSY DRIVING AND SKIN PROBLEMS LIKE HEART DISEASE OF STRESS THE GUILT FACTOR "Staying connected" isn't just a problem for young people-it affects adults as well. 90% The ubiquity of smartphones has made many people feel like they MUST keep in contact, leading to a guilt complex. of American adults have a cell phone. 18:00 In France, many workers' unions have banned work 58% emails after 6PM to alleviate of American adults the pressure workers felt to communicate afterhours. have a smartphone. Pas de télephone FEELING THE "PHANTOM VIBRATIONS" When you're sure you've felt or heard a notification from your phone but your screen is perfectly blank, you've got a case of the "phantom vibrations." 89% of college undergraduates found they'd experienced "ghost" sounds or "phantom" vibrations. THE CAUSE? Notifications from smartphones activate the same areas of the brain as many dependent substances. Our brains become "trained" to expect notifications, and can even experience smartphone withdrawals! In some cases, phantom vibrations can point towards an anxiety disorder Checking one's phone reduces anxiety, turning it into an obsessive behavior. SSE (SMARTPHONE SEPARATION ANXIETY) Another form of smartphone anxiety stems from separation from the device. THE GREATEST STRESS FACTORS? 87% Loss of Loss of data & communication content on phone Smartphone users have experienced severe anxiety when they lose or misplace their phone. Concern over secure information (It doesn't help that 62% users don't use a password on their smartphones.) WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? SLEEP WELL Don't let your smartphone intrude on your precious sleeping hours. TURN OFF all Leave your phone on Buy a real alarm clock! notifications before a desk or table OUT heading to bed. of the bedroom. PREPARE FOR THE WORST Reduce stress by investing in countermeasures to handle your data if your phone was ever lost. Remote locks can lock Always password protect your smartphone. or shutdown your phone wherever it is. *** "Time bomb" data deletion can effectively delete all important data if you report your phone is no longer in your possession. O BUSY UNPLUG! 101 Set aside times when your smartphone will be MIA. ON THE During meals DAY-TO-DAY An hour before bed An hour after work Let people know that you will be unreachable during these times so you're Away not worried about missing texts or calls. Apps like Call Filter or the iPhone's "Do Not Disturb" setting turn off all notifications but still allow you to send and receive emergency calls. Participate in smartphone EMERGENCY!! free activities at least 2-3 times a week. SOURCES .com BUSINESS WITHOUT BORDERS Gryffin media,

Is Your Smart Phone Stressing You Out

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Simple Test: Read this infographic without looking at your phone. (Hey, we saw that.)


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