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Is Your Phone Protected?

IS YOUR PHONE PROTECTED? Eaves- dropping: KOOLSP AN R. Botnets: Uses unpatched exploits to provide the hacker with control over the phone, enabling them to send messages and calls and access data. Hackers can remotely turn on your microphone and listen in on private conversations, even if your cell phone is turned off. Calendar What can you do? Be careful what you download from the web and when you are opening attachments. Only visit sites that you trust and double check that the URL is https, meaning that the protocol is secure unlike an http URL connection. If you send out a conference call line and password through e-mail or save it to your calendar, a trojan can access the information and a hacker can call into the line to listen in on your call without you knowing. What can you do? Similar to other malware, you What can you do? should not click on unknown links or If you're in an important meeting where you're discussing download untrusted applications. Also, use a secure e-mail password so that a hacker can't guess it sensitive information take the Phishing Attacks: Operating Ĺ ystem: battery out of your phone or and access your e-mail and its connected calendar. leave it outside the meeting. Using malicious links in e-mails, these are designed to steal money. An OS that's more than 2 years old may not receive security updates from the manufacturer Mobile Pickpocketing: anymore. What can you do? Don't ever click on a link that Known as SMS fraud, malware apps hide an SMS access permission in What can you do? claims it came from a company and asks for personal information, go to its What can you do? the code so that when it's Stay away from third-party apps. The Android marketplace downloaded, the app can send premium SMS messages that you're charged for without official website instead. Update your OS regularly or presents warnings about what information apps request whenever new software is available. Also install updates to consent. applications because these often patch security issues. permission to. If malicious apps are found in the marketplace, they are removed. Stolen Phone Encryption Unlocked WiFi Hotspots If your phone is lost or stolen, using password protection will help prevent the hacker from gaining access. Most encryption products can remotely wipe your data if the device is stolen. For the highest level of protection, mobile users should install security solutions that will encrypt smartphones' voice, text and data. This will protect sensitive information from hackers. Hackers can set up fake WiFi hotspots, naming it "Free_WiFi" to trick you into connecting to it. You also should lock your WiFi at home. If your WiFi is unlocked or if you're connected to a Fake WiFi, hackers can access the network and transmitted data. For more information, visit

Is Your Phone Protected?

shared by Sdecker on Dec 07
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Our mobile security infographic above explains these different ways your device can be hacked and gives you steps to prevent it. Taking precautions is important to keep data safe but if you are lookin...




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