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Is Your Phone Being Wire Tapped?

IS YOUR PHONE BEING WIRETAPPED? World leaders and their phones Barack Obama President of the United States BlackBerry Hugo Chavez President of Venezuela BlackBerry 3: Joe Biden Vice President of the United States BlackBerry Felipe Calderón President of Mexico BlackBerry Eric Cantor Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives BlackBerry Herman Van Rompuy President of the European Union BlackBerry Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives. BlackBerry Tenzin Gyatso Dalai Lama BlackBerry Sarah Palin Former Governor of Alaska BlackBerry Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany BlackBerry E: Mike Huckabee Former Governor of Arkansas Blackberry Dmitry Medvedev President of Russia iPhone Elizabeth II Queen of the Commonwealth BlackBerry Silvio Berlusconi Prime Minister of Italy No longer uses a phone due to concerns about wiretapping. David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom BlackBerry Nicolas Sarkozy President of France Banned the BlackBerry because of fear of foreign spies. Teorem Phone (military grade phone) Why is the BlackBerry the most popular smartphone among world leaders? Because of its encryption and dedicated secure servers, the BlackBerry is among the most secure phones in the world. Police say it is wiretap-proof. ellal Is the BlackBerry a security threat? Because of its extreme encryption, BlackBerry routes all its data through RIM servers, often located in other nations and outside the legal jurisdiction of some countries. Many countries are concerned that someone could be listening in to calls. United Arab Emirates: Fear of terrorists or militants using phones to plan attacks against the government. Threatens ban of BlackBerry services. Requires RIM to run BlackBerry servers in the UAE. Limits access to the BlackBerry servers. Saudi Arabia: Threatened to ban BlackBerry service. RIM set up servers in Saudi Arabia. India: Fear that terrorists or militants could plan attacks against the government. RIM built data centres in India and offered limited access to these centres. Indonesia: BlackBerry is the most popular smartphone in Indonesia. India government still wants full access. Indonesia requires RIM to filter pornography. Ways the government could be spying on your cell phone By cloning your phone's SIM card. If a spy connects with your phone's cellphone tower, your cell network will send phone calls to both phones at the same time. By installing software that records everything you do either by hacking into your phone or physically installing a program. By using your phone's microphone. The FBI is able to eavesdrop on your conversations even when you are not using the phone or when it is off. Ways to secure your phone Enable a password and set to auto-lock. Connect to a secured network when accessing Login Encrypt your data. sensitive information. Be cautious of what applications you install. Be cautious of lending your phone to anyone. Turn Bluetooth off unless you are using it. Phones are no longer just phones. They are mini computers which contain information on where you have been, who you have talked to, all your emails, contracts, corporate secrets and photos. Laws The Patriot Act has made it much easier for law enforcement to sp on people they think are "terrorists". Michigan State police are conducting roadside searches of phones. California According to the California Supreme Court, police don't need a warrant to search cell phones. Using a data extracting device called Cellebrite: Police can extract information from over 3,000 models of cell phones. O Device easily unlocks your password. Device can copy Hidden files • Deleted photos • Call history • Text messages ontracts • Images Geotags Police say they are only using it if consent is given or they have a search warrant... sure they are! Ohio In 2009 Ohio Supreme Court ruled that police don't have the right to search cell phones without a warrant. If a police officer asks to search your phone, you should say, "I don't consent to a search. Am I free to leave?" Is your iPhone tracking you? • A hidden app designed by Apple is recording your location and storing it for up to a year. When you sync your phone, the file is backed up to your computer. O The app still records your location even when Location Service is turned off. Apple has since limited the location based data your phone records about you. geekaphone

Is Your Phone Being Wire Tapped?

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Is someone listening to your phone calls? How secure is your mobile phone? Shhh, did you hear that? That buzzing on the phone line… the weird clicking and echo, you know what that is? That’s the ...




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