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Your employer needs to stay up to date in information technology

Your Employer Needs You To Stay UP TO DATE то In Information Technology THE CASE FOR TRAINING ROI Global spending on IT services will reach %24 The need for IT professionals is expected to grow by 53% by 2020 3 $3.7 BILLION 53% in 2013 Information technology involves complex skill sets and is a an This includes spending on devices, data center systems, enterprise software, and telecom services. important profession in the United States by several metrics IT jobs are the 9th best-paying jobs in the country. ? The need for IT employees will grow by 2.3% over the next year.“ The need cannot be met simply by hiring new already-skilled staff. Retraining and upgrading skills of existing staff is a necessary and ongoing process for most major companies. Hands on Technology Transfer, Inc. (HOTT) can help professionals upgrade and maintain core competencies which play a significant role in today's distributed programming environments: SQL Programming and Database Server Administration Business Intelligence/ Data Analysis .NET Programming and Frameworks Java Programming and Frameworks Web Development (jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, HTML) Mobile Programming Project Management UNIX/Linux Administration Microsoft System Administration IT is extensive in scope; no single training provider can offer a complete range of expertise. Employee training in IT is ongoing and varied The need is often best met using multiple providers taking into account quality, cost, and geographical convenience HOTT Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. BENEFITS TO EMPLOYERS OF IT TRAINING Maintaining business skills in IT and securing up-to-date IT professionals is one of the top 5 concerns for CEOS and CIOs. 10% In a report issued by AIM, only 10% of business users surveyed said 76% -100% of their company's information is searchable online. 100% Over a third of those surveyed said 76% 25% or less of their information was searchable online. This is a serious 25% problem in an economy that is increasingly functioning online and in the comfort of consumers' homes. 5 COO00 0.5 - 10% Even businesses that do not specialize in technology still spend between of their revenue on technology. Trained IT employees leverage IT assets better, cut architectural errors, cut software development time and increase quality of services. Formal training virtually always pays for itself by eliminating hidden costs of self-training (time spent studying, researching, recovering from and repairing errors in programming and administration) How is instructor led IT training cost effective for employers? It is more efficient to help existing employees expand their skill sets and become more productive, rather than hiring new employees to handle business IT needs. V If formal training saves two days for each day of training, it is financially cost-effective. %$4 MOST IT TRAINING SAVES 5 TO 10 DAYS FOR EACH DAY OF TRAINING 11 12 13 14 15 October Sunday October Monday October Tuesday October Wednesday October Thursday October Friday October Saturday XX X X X Knowledge of underlying Self-training not only takes longer, it is likely to produce KNOWLEDGE GAPS. software architecture is often particularly weak among self-trained IT staff. For complex technologies such as today's distributed programming environments, formal training cuts the learning curve by man-months. System design fla reduced, as gaps in knowledge are less likely. are LIVE TRAINING assures that your employees will successfully complete their IT training. In addition, facilitated hands-on practice boosts understanding and retention. 70% of professional development comes from on-the-job ●, experiences. 20% comes from coaching or mentoring. Instructor-led classroom training in information technology blends well with the on-the-job learning that most employees use to become proficient in their jobs.10 10% comes from formal training. Face-to-face training includes formal instruction and actual hands-on practice, facilitated by the instructor, to blend all of these elements for accelerated learning. Complex IT subjects benefit most from an Hands on practice can be more complex than in self-study or online environments. Students virtually always complete the training in the time frame allotted, allowing projects to stay on schedule and within budget. INSTRUCTOR LED task-oriented approach. 11 THE AVERAGE IT BUDGET IS DIVIDED AS FOLLOWS: 31% 29% 26% 14% PERSONNEL COSTS SOFTWARE COSTS HARDWARE COSTS EXTERNAL SERVICE Internal personnel are the largest part of an IT budget; it's important to maximize productivity and one of the best ways to do this is to increase their knowledge base and task-oriented skill level. SOURCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. COPYRIGHT 2013 TRAININGHOTT.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. %24

Your employer needs to stay up to date in information technology

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This infographic takes a look at the importance of staying up to date with training for your IT department. It also shows how the investment into training is cost effective and will save you money in...


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