Your App Is Too Expensive

YOUR APP is too expensive! IN THE WORLD OF SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY, IT'S THE APPS THAT TRULY MAKE THE PHONE. However, some apps come with a price tag. The rallying cry from the masses, "Your app is too expensive!" echoes across the web. But if you take a step back and look at some of the things the Average Joe is willing to pay for on a regular basis, the prices may not be entirely unreasonable. THE NIGHT SKY BOTTLE OF WATER This app offers centuries of study from Galileo and every other astronomer known to man right at your fingertips. The Night Sky App can tell you what constellations are above your head, even without a direct view of the sky. Simply aim your phone skyward and let the heavens reveal themselves to you. People don't hesitate to pay for water, the most abundant substance on earth, bottled and sold at a 99 cents premium. This price represents the lower end of bottled water, as the designer label can cost you much more. PROS CONS PROS CONS Never having to guess Looking at the sky through your phone can kinda ruin the mood. Nothing quite like an ice cold water when you're really, really thirsty. You're spending money on water. Let's not mention the waste produced by tossing a water bottle. what constellation is overhead again. THE RECIPE BOX TO GO CANDY BAR Create and store recipes, or Nothing quite like sweet, delicious chocolate, creamy caramel, or chewy nougat. Candy bars have been around for ages, melting in pockets the world over. even download new ones from the Internet. Never again will you have to second-guess how many cloves of garlic you need to make your grandma's secret spaghetti sauce. 66 cents TO GO! PROS CONS You run the risk of dropping your phone in grandma's secret spaghetti sauce. Create, store and PROS CONS manage a huge vari- ety of recipes on your phone, without the worry of them getting lost or damaged. A simply sweet boost of energy in a wide variety of flavors, and it's avail- able virtually anywhere. Empty calories that can't be burned off easily, even if you did a few crunches for every cent spent. SLEEP CYCLE ALARM CLOCK A CHEAP CUP OF COFFEE It's like having a sleep study center, right in your pocket! The sleep cycle alarm clock measures your various sleep schedules and wakes you up at the perfect moment. It even takes into Caffeine has long been used 99 cents replacement for a good night's sleep. Much like the bottled water, this is a conserva- account when you're drinking coffee or having an off day. tive price for just a regular cup of coffee, and maybe a little cream and sugar to taste. PROS CONS PROS CONS Wake up feeling re- freshed and ready to start your day. The alarm usually means it's time to go to A cup of hot Joe can help get your morning started off right, making you feel more alert and awake. Anxiety, jitters, and the inevitable crash. work. Remember: If your coffee is shaking, you've probably had too much. PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES CHEWING GUM Let's face it, one of the first things people look at when they pick up a smartphone is You can chew it until your jaw aches, and it keeps on going. It might taste like a pencil eraser at that point, but hey, it's still going. the games. Plants vs. Zombies is a fantastic way to wile away the time when waiting for class or even a business meeting to start. 99 cents PROS CONS PROS CONS It tastes great for the first two minutes, then it's time for a new piece. Disposal can also pose an issue. Freshens breath and Become a lean, green, zombie-fighting ma- chine with strategic plant placement. Overshooting class or meeting time while finishing "one more level." some brands can even help ward off cavities. 90% OF ALL APPS ON APPLE'S APP STORE ARE FREE BUT FEATURE IN-APP PURCHASES OR ADVERTISEMENTS. Source: PLASTIC BULLET ENERGY DRINK Bring some artistic flare to your smartphone camera with the Plastic Bullet. This app is designed to add an infinite amount of Coffee too slow? No one bats an eye at spending two bucks on a can of ENERGY DRIN "liquid energy." It's the closest thing you can get to sticking a fork in a light socket without the electrical burns. alterations to your pictures, taking them to a fun new level, without the hassle of Photoshop. You can even upload them to your favorite media site instantly. bucks PROS CONS CONS Potential heart failure. (No, really: people have died from these.) PROS A quick and intense burst of energy to get you through the next.. 3 hours of your day. A quick and easy way to make your pictures more exciting, flashy, or fun. Endless possibilities can leave you searching for the "perfect" picture for hours. DICTIONARY.COM DICTIONARY GAS STATION BURRITO The English language can be quite extensive, perplexing the most astute scholars in pursuit of academic vernacular. Having a dictionary in your pocket can help you cipher out the most complicated multisyllabic words you might come across. Sure, it always seems like a good idea at the time, which coincidentally is 2am after last call at your favorite watering hole. But looks can be deceiving. Just because it might be a roughly edible log the size of your arm, doesn't mean it should be ingested. bucks PROS CONS It's a dictionary that fits in your pocket. Makes searching words incredibly simple and fast. The temptation to look up every variation of every dirty word you've ever heard. PROS CONS Processed meats and cheese fill you with gas, shame, and eventually deep regret. Sometimes tasty, very filling, and easy to make. INSTAPAPER THE BIG MAC A potential complaint about using a smartphone is lengthier articles and web pages can be tedious and difficult to read. Instapaper is great because it puts in a easy to read 4 Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese... you know the rest. The Big Mac is one of the most iconic burg- ers in fast food history and is served just about every- where in the world. format and articles can be saved and read even without an internet bucks connection. PROS CONS PROS CONS Finally getting to read all the articles you typi- cally glaze over while surfing the web on your phone. Realizing that you might never get to the stack of books you meant to read thanks to the Internet. It's a giant burger! With cheese! This nutritional train wreck packs a quarter of your daily recommended calories and almost half the sodium. Dig in. THE FANTASTIC FLYING BOOKS OF MR. MORRIS LESSMORE A PACK OF CIGARETTES From the time it was discovered that tobacco could be smoked, people have been doing it. Tobacco is a huge cash crop, and smokes are sold in almost every gas station, convenience store, and grocery store you might ever come across. Entertaining small children while out and about can be strenuous at best. Once more the smartphone comes to the rescue. This app is an interactive storybook. With a wonderfully narrated and interactive story, this app is great for children while running errands or just before bed. bucks PROS CONS PROS CONS An occupied child is a happy child, and a quiet one at that. Your children will want to play it again and again, leaving you weary after hearing the story for the Works like a stimulant, the same way coffee does. Can even produce a calming effect in some people. Far too many to list, in- cluding addiction, serious health issues, and smelling like Great Aunt Ethel's overflowing ashtray. 782nd time. OF ALL APPLE APP STORE REVENUE IS EARNED THROUGH 76% IN-APP PURCHASES. Clearly, FREE doesn't always mean FREE. Source: SCANNER PRO LUNCH Lunch is an important meal, right between breakfast and dinner. Many places even offer a lunch special if you get there on time. While fax machines are losing popularity, sometimes it's necessary to send a document somewhere quicker than it would take to mail it. Scanners are great for this, but not everyone has one. If you're looking to beat the line at the copy shop, why not use the Scanner Pro app and turn your smartphone into a mobile scanner. bucks PROS CONS PROS CONS Digitize everything from notes, receipts, to important docu- What will you do with that big flatbed scanner in your office? Food, glorious food! Everyone needs a little mid day nourishment. Unless... 7 bucks might not get you the most gourmet lunch in town. Plus, drinks aren't included. ments. PHOTOSHOP TOUCH CHEAP HAIRCUT For the truly artistic at heart, Photoshop Touch takes picture alteration a step further than the Plastic Bullet app. All of A trim, a shape-up, a shave, or a fade can get you looking your best, and is usually recommended before job interviews or dates, unless you're trying to prove a point or stick it to the man. Ps 10 your favorite features from Photoshop combined with the bucks intuitive touchscreen controls makes creating and altering your pictures easy and fun. PROS CONS PROS CONS Change, design and alter and upload your pictures wherever you Hyper-realistic creations can take Quick and easy way to look professional or compliment your fea- Hearing your barber or stylists say, "Oops..." (What do you expect for $10?) some time to make, especially if you alter each one you take. go. tures. 1PASSWORD GRAPHIC T-SHIRT EVERY THING In the digital world, privacy and security are incredibly important. Graphic tees are a great way to express your individuality, just like everyone else who bought the same graphic tee. From "I'm with stupid" to "l'd rather be fishing," hi- larious and creative t-shirts Because of the sensitive information 18 you share on a wide variety of sites, it's often required for you to make a password and login for each and every one. This app allows you to create strong and secure passwords without worrying about forgetting them. poing to be bucks OK are a staple for the everyday wardrobe. PROS CONS PROS CONS Finding really cool and unique shirts with your favorite band, movie, or game. Other people wear the same shirts showing your favorite band, movie, or game. Only have to remember one password. Still having to remember your password. OMNIFOCUS FIRST DATE The ultimate app for the tech-savvy multi-tasker. Plan out your week by scheduling events, times, and program directions for when you need to get there. OmniFocus takes productivity to a whole new level. 40 bucks Dates are wonderful, and incredibly important for establishing and maintaining relationships. However, they can be kind of pricey, even if it's just dinner and a movie. Plan on skipping dessert. PROS CONS PROS CONS A potential relationship. The "Goodnight Kiss." Forgetting to schedule other important events of the day, like eating and sleeping. Eventually you'll have to meet the parents - and Dad's sort of a gun enthu- siast. Never miss another event, ever again. WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT, THERE ARE AN INCREDIBLE NUMBER OF HELPFUL APPS OUT ON THE MARKET TODAY. WHILE MANY OF THESE APPS ARE FREE TO PLAY AND USE, THERE ARE SOME THAT ARE WORTH THE EXTRA FEW DOLLARS. TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT YOU MIGHT BE SPENDING THAT MONEY ON OTHERWISE, AND THEY BEGIN TO SEEM NOT QUITE AS EXPENSIVE AS YOU THOUGHT! TWIN ENGINE COPYRIGHT 2013 TWINENGINELABS.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Your App Is Too Expensive

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When you compare everyday purchases with app prices, the app prices aren't bad at all. In the world of smartphone technology it's the apps that truly make the phone.


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