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World's Tallest Tower — The Burj Khalifa

Aircraft beacons GULF NEWS Burj Dubai WORLD'S TALLEST SPECIAL INFOGRAPHIC POSTER Spire Research and Infographic: Dwynn Ronald V. Trazo and Guillermo F. Munro Main photo: Jacob Hernandez 12m diametre The crowning touch of Burj Dubai is its telescopic spire that consists of HIGH STANDARDS The Burj Dubai became the world's tallest building when it overtook the 509-metre Taipei 101 in July 2007. more than 4,000 tonnes of structural steel. Over 800m Previous world's tallest structures 553.3m 527.3m 509.2m 451.9m Human scale CN Tower, Toronto Burj Dubai, Dubai 2010 Willis Tower, Chicago 1973 Taipei 101, Taiwan 2004 Petronas Twrs, Malaysia 1998 1975 LEVEL SUMMARY BRACING FOR THE WIND SKYSCRAPER The Burj Dubai is divided into different sections. The diagram below shows their major uses. Over 40 wind tunnel tests were Disorganised Vortex shedding behaviour conducted on Burj Dubai to examine the effects the wind would have on the Wind (Top) tower and its occupants. These ranged from tests to establish the wind Roof 1-5 used for: climate of Dubai, to pressure tests on the building facade. TSD Reserve Burj Dubai has become a new symbol of the emirate, not only because it has changed the skyline of Dubai, but because it has come to represent its vision, determination, innovation and achievements. By marshalling its abilities and resources, Dubai has succeeded in building an architectural and engineering wonder that beckons to the world. Wind (Middle section) Water Tank In super-tall buildings, there are changes in pressure and temperature with height. Special studies were carried out on Burj Dubai to determine Window Washing System 160 Mezzanine Spire Host Lobby the magnitude of the changes that would have to be dealt with in the 157 - 159 Communications Wind (Lower section) building design. 155 - 156 Mechanical 139 - 154 Corporate Offices The ultimate business destination for corporate high-flyers. The Corporate Offices are in a central location in one of the world's fastest growing cities. Located on the highest levels of the tower. The Corporate Offices occupy 37 floors with the top three floors merged into a single office. WORLD RECORDS GETTING YOU UP THERE At over 800 metres and more than l160 storeys, Burj Dubai holds the following records: The Burj has 58 elevators and 8 escalators. The building service/fireman's elevator will have a capacity of 5,500kg and will be the world's tallest service elevator. Some elevators will be programmed to permit controlled evacuation for certain fire or security events. Burj Dubai's observatory elevators are double deck cabs with a capacity of 12-14 people each. Travelling at 10m/second they will have the world's longest travel distance from the lowest to highest stop. * Tallest building in the world * Tallest free-standing structure in the world * Highest number of storeys in the world Hotel and serviced apartment passenger elevators * Highest occupied floor in the world IResidential passenger elevators ICorporate offices passenger elevators * Highest outdoor observation deck in the world IFire service elevators * Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world Level 160 Service 154 * Tallest service elevator in the world Corporate Offices 136 - 138 Mechanical/Area of Refuge 123 (Sky Lobby) 108 DESIGN INSPIRATION 125 - 135 Corporate Offices Luxury Residences Residences The architects of Burj Dubai incorporated Islamic traditional patterns and modern sophistication to design a structure that will stand the test of time. The end product is a visually stunning building, towering over the Dubai skyline. They did not look further afield for influence as Dubai is rich in inspiration. 76 (Sky Lobby) Service 124 Observation Deck Hotel Residences Hotel Guests 46 (Sky Lobby) Organic and desert influence 112 - 123 Corporate Offices 39 Hymenocallis Sky Lobby The hymenocallis desert flower was the main Source of inspiration for the architects. The design not only reduces wind forces on the building, but also allows each tenant to have an incredible view of the surroundings. Residents Club 1(Hotel Lobby) Ground (Residential Lobby) Hotel Club Note: dashed bar denotes shuttle service Islamic design influence From the top of the structure the Islamic design influences can clearly been seen, including the use of arches and other architectural structures. 109 - 111| Mechanical/Area of Refuge ARMANI SUITES 76 - 108 Luxury Residences Hotel Ground level outline (top view) Building outline (Top view) Sky Lobby The Armani Hotel occupies eleven floors of the Burj Dubai. Amenities The world's most prestigious address will be home to a select few. There are 900 residences including studios, one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom sultes. All the furniture was specifically designed for the hotel and the materials chosen by Giorgio Armani himself. They include stone, zebrawood, venetian plaster fabric and leather coverings. BY NUMBERS 40,000 160 28,261 2.93 95km 80km Square metres of hotel space Guests rooms and suites Glass panels covering the outside of the Burj tower and 30,000 Eiffel Towers would have The distance from The distance that can be to be stacked to reach the top of the Burj which the tip of the spire can be seen seen from the observation deck Square feet of conference and banqueting facilities Restaurants its two annexes 2,065 12,000 6-8wks 12,000 73 - 75 Mechanical/Area of Refuge Square feet of the Armani spa The number of miles of The number of workers on The amount of time it will take to clean the windows sidewalk that can be built with the concrete in the Burj site during the peak of construction 43- 72 Residences of the entire building Sky Lobby Amenities Residences Burj Dubai has a rich array of amenities and services for residents and their guests. GREEN IRRIGATION The Armani Residences have 144 one and The gardens are partly irrigated with water collected through Burj Dubai's Condensate Collection System. Hot and humid outside Dubai air, combined with the tower's cooling requirements, result in a significant amount of conden- sation of moisture from the air. This water, stored in the basement car park, provides about 15 million gallons of supplemental water a year, the equivalent to nearly 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools. two-bedroom luxury residential suites. Units will range from 100 to 200 square metres. Other facilities include a resident's library, a cigar club, and Bur) Dubal Gourmet Market, Armani residences occupy the ninth to 16th floors of the Burj. Each floor will have its own elevator access and front entrance lobby. a convenience store and meeting place for the residents. PREDICTIVE YEARLY CONDENSATION Dubai's summer months provide ample cooling condensate which is collected and used for irrigation. Facilities include: =10,000 gallons (cooling condensate) Armani Restaurants Armani Spa Armani Club Cigar Club Armani Business Centre Private Members Club Armani Ballroom Access to 4 Burj Dubai pools 40 - 42 Mechanical/Area of Refuge January February March April May July August September October November December Armani Night Lounge 38 - 39 Armani Hotel Guest Rooms CLEANING 19 - 37 Hotel Residences BUILT AROUND THE BURJ (Zone 2B) Cleaning the Burj is a feat in itself. This challenge is met by using custom made Building Mainte- nance Units (BMU), while the pinnacle is reserved for specialist rope techni- cians. With all 18 BMUS in Downtown Burj Dubai is a mixed development including 30,000 homes, nine hotels, 2.4 hectares of parkland, 19 residential towers and the 12-hectare Burj Dubai Lake A) Emaar Square Business Hub G) The Residences B) Boulevard Plaza: 36-storey commercial offices H) Burj Dubai Boulevard C) The Address, Dubai Mall Hotel ) Old Town operation, the facade will take two to three months D) Dubal Mall: World's largest shopping centre J) 8 Boulevard Walk E) Lake Park K) Boulevard Crescents to clean. F) old Town Island 17- 18 Mechanical 9-16 Armani Residences- (Short-term stay) Lobby/Restaurants Fitness Centre/Lounges Business Centre 5-8 Armani Hotel Shk Zayed Rd Ballroom/Spa/Pools Guest Rooms Ground - 4 Typical floor plar Concourse/Office Lobby/Ballroom/Restaurants/Pools/Loading Dock THE FOUNDATION Basement 1/Parking/Mechanical/Tenant Storage Basement 2/Parking/Mechanical/Facilities Storage The Burj Dubai, which weighs about 500,000 tonnes, will rest on a 3.7m-thick triangular frame foundation, supported by rounded steel piles measuring 1.5m in diameter and extending 50m below the ground. 70m deep 50m With inputs from Irish Eden Belleza and Aya Lowe Sources: Emaar Properties, Openshaw Properties, Skidmore, Owings and Merril, Armani, Golden Section Giaphics

World's Tallest Tower — The Burj Khalifa

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Burj Khalifa — the world's tallest tower. This poster was printed days before the inauguration (in Jan of 2010), hence the title: Burj Dubai. It wasn't until the opening ceremony that the name forma...


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