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The World's Biggest Data Breaches of 2013

THE WORLD'S BIGGEST DATA BREACHES & HACKSOF 2013 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL THE NEW YORK TIMES A sophisticated Chinese hacking team slipped past security systems in order to déploy The WSJ said that "journal sources on occasion have become hard to reach after information identifying them was included in emails," and suggested that information gained by the attackers has worked its way to Chinese authorities, who then took action to silence whistleblowers. JAN NINIA -- before moving on to a domain controller, breaching the system, and gaining the hashed password of every member of staff on The New York Tímes payroll. THE U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE FACEBOOK The Federal Reserve acknowledged that hacktivist collective Anonymous had broken in to a number of government websites as part of "Operation Last Resort" -- and managed to both STEAL AND POST THE SENSITIVE CREDENTĪALS OF 4,600 BANKING EXECUTIVES. Facebook said there was "no evidence" that user data was compromised by the cyberattack, which was caused when a number of the social network's employees visited a mobile developer website infêctéd with malicious code. TWITTER APPLE FEB Apple experienced a breach on its corporate servers after employee computers were hit with malware, funnèlled through a vulnerability in the Java Web plug-in. This attack took place only a week affer Facebook was hit with a similar attack. Twitter said "unusual access patterns" allowed the company to discover ațtacks on Twitter data. The subseqúent investigation found that THE USERNAMES, EMAIL ADDRESSES, SESSION TOKENS AND ENCRYPTED VERSIONS OF PASSWORDS FOR 250,000 USERS were potentially placed at risk. EVERNOTE MAR Evernote, known for its mobile device applications, detected the attack early on, bụt the hacker or group responsible were still able to access user information including names, email addresses and encrypted passwords -- the latter lućkily both hashed and salted. LIVING SOCIAL APR The daily deals website discovered its databasé systems were breached, while unknown hackers made off with the names, emails, birthdays and encrypted passwords of the vast majórity of users -- ROUGHLY 50 MILLION ACCOUNTS IN TOTÁL OUT OF 70 MILLION WORLDWIDE. DRUPAL Third-party software installed on servers ållowed hackers to access the system. User account data on and were accessed, including usernames, email addresses and country information, as well as hashed passwords. HOMELAND SECURITY The Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) found ítself on the receiving end this year after third-party software used oň its network contaíned vulnerabilities that were exploited, exposing a number of employees' personal data. YAHOO! JAPAN MAY Yahoo! Japan detected unauthorized access in the administrative panel of the Yahoo! Japan web portal, and suspected up to 22 MILLION USER IDS may have been stolen as a result. The access attempt, which took plące at roughly 9pm on May 16 this year, did nòt include păsswords or the data necessary to reset them. WASHINGTON STATE COURT The website of the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) was accessed unlawfully through third-party software installed on the network. Up to 160,000 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS AND THE DETAILS OF ONE MILLION DRIVER'S LICENSES may have been downloaded and accessed, although only 94 Social security numbers were confirmed as stolen. LINKEDIN, LAST.FM, & EHARMONY Linkedin,, and eHarmony were all subject to user passwords being leaked online, where a hacker posted the files on forums asking 'for help in cracking them. THE NSA In June, the most high-profile data breach occurred: catastrophic for the agency involved, and a catalyst for the subsequent media frenzy and outragé of the U.S. geneřal public. Edward Snowden, a former contractor of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), leaked confidential documents to The Guardian and Washington Post. The EIGHT MILLION HASHED PASSWORDS POSTED appear to belong to the professional social nêtwork, musič streaming site and dațing service. JUN All posted over several days, the biggest list of 6.46 MILLION PASSWORDS was believed to belong to LinkedIn, and were not 'salted' -- which makes cracking hash lists faster and easier. ADOBE Adobe admitted that 2.9 MILLION ОСТ attack which stole names, financial data and customer orders information. MACRUMORS MacRumors was breached by hackers who probably gained access to names, passwords and emails of its 860,000 USERS. NOV TARGET DEC Target disclosed that a mass information breach involved data belonging to UP TO 70 MILLION individuals. The big box retailer said that a probe into the hacking of customers' personal data found that stolen information included names, mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for tens of millions. SOURCES b BITIUM ©2013 Bitium, Inc. All rights reserved. Bitium and the Bitium logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bitium Inc. in the USA and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Information is subject fo change without notice. Brought to you by: Piktochart I-i make information beautiful

The World's Biggest Data Breaches of 2013

shared by bitium on Jun 04
2013 was a year of many things like FOMO, TWERK, things like Snapchat, & all of these hacks.




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