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World Wide Web Index

The World Wide Web ndex ranked 6l countries according to how the hternet is best utilized. They were ranked based on seven sub indexes covering WWw INDEX COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE INSTITUTIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE WEB USE WEB CONTENT POLITICAL IMPACT SOCIAL IMPACT ECONOMIC IMPACT 52 55 54 57 5958 53 56 60 THE TOP TEN THE BOTTOM TEN I Sweden 6 Switzerland 7 New Zealand 3 United Kingdom 8 Australia 9 Norway 52 Nepal 57 Ethiopia 2 United States 53 Cameroon 58. Benin 54. Mali 59 Burkina Faso 4. Canada 55. Bangladesh Zimbabwe 5. Finland 10. reland 56 Namibia 6L Yemen Study authored by WORLD WIDE WEB FOUNDATION in collaboration with OXFORD ECONOMICS was spearheaded by TIM BERNERS-LEE, SUP. Google funded the first-of-its-kind report with a $1 MILLION GRANT the guy credited for inventing the WORLD WIDE WEB. THE WEB Only one in three people worldwide use the hternet, more than 60% of the world's population do not have access to the Web HAS A TRILLION ESTIMATED PUBLIC PAGES AND ROUGHLY 3.4 BILLIONUSERS 1 SWEDEN PLACE takes top place in this year's ranking with high marks across the three sub-indexes. Śweden tops the list for overall impact of the Web (the most heavily weighted sub-index), taking first place for political, second place for social and third place for economic impact. UNITED STATES ND PLACE The United States comes in second overall, with somewhat lower ranks for social, economic and political impacts compared with Sweden. It also ranks surprisingly lower in communications infrastructure having a lower percentage of households with personal computers. %23 ICELAND PHILIPPINES SINGAPORE topped the list in terms of its hternet infrastructure and ranks 32nd in the study Internet penetration is at I out of 4 (pop. 93 million) has the worlds fastest hternet and ranks in llth place on the global list. Web use. (*at 547064 Moits/Second its rates are almost twice as fast as second-fastest Iceland at 287139 Mbits/Second) Nearly 96% of people in that Country use the Internet The Philippines ranks 9 notches higher than its 43rd ranking in terms of GDP (of the 61 countries) CHINA INDIA YEMEN is the middle of the list at No 29 The "Great Firewall of China" is one of the most sophisticated systems of government control over the Internet in the world. hdia's hternet users is currently around 121 million, a small fraction of the Country's population of 12 billion. the violence-plagued Middle Eastern country, ranked last on the list. SOURCE: HTTP://THEWEBINDEX.ORG/DATA/INDEX/ INFOGRAPHIC BY FRANCIN CRUZ ABS

World Wide Web Index

shared by francincruz on Feb 19
For a Philippine news website article regarding the use of the web around the world



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