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The World Largest Data Centers

The World's largest DATA CENTERS DATA CENTER FACTS AND STATS A large data center can use as much electricity as a small town Very large data centers may have shipping con- tainers filled with over Data centers often have a power density over 100 times that of a large office building 1,000 servers each CO2 36% 2011 - 36% of large companies were expected to exceed IT capacity within 18 months Datacenters older Data centers store account for 14% of large amounts of data Data centers than 7 years old are obsolete - the aver- age data center is 9 the carbon foot- print of the global ICT sector years old THE WORLD'S LARGEST DATA CENTERS Digital Reality, Chicago 1.1 million sg ft - Converted to telecom use in 1999 DIGITAL REALITY - Supported by over 50 generators Dete Canter teltions - Requires 8.5 million gallons of cooling fluid Quality Technology, Allanta 990,000 sq ft QTS Built in 1954 and converted to telecom in 2000 - Supported by 80 megawatts of power capacity - Plans to expand for $150 million Terremark, Miami 750,000 sq ft terremark - Built in 2001 - Center for over 160 networks Microsoft, Chicago 700,000 sq ft - Converted to telecom use 1999 - Holds 40-foot shipping containers containing up to 2,000 servers each - Requires 8.5 million gallons of cooling fluid - Total capacity of 224,000 servers Microsoft, Dublin 550,000 sq ft Doesn't use cooling towers - uses less than 1% of water used by tradi- tional data centers ilo Data Centers, Phoenix 538,000 sq ft Solar panels generate 4.5 megawatts of power DATA CENTERS DựPont Fabros, Jlinois 485,000 sq ft - Supported by 32 2 megawatt diesel generators DuPont Febros Technology Microsoft, Washington and San Antonio 470,000 sq ft - Supported by hydroelectric power - 8 million gallons of water used each month - relies on recycled water system Switch Communications, las Vegas 407,000 sq ft Switch Built in 2008 - Can hold 7,000 cabinets of servers - 250 megawatts capacity - Power densities up to 1,500 watts per square foot Google Data centers in 13 locations around the world. 0.01% Google is estimated to Google's data centers use have over 900,000 servers. about 0.01% of global energy 2011 - Google's data centers used enough electricity to continuously power 200,000 homes - around 260 million watts. facebook f f f f f f f f ff f f Facebook is one of the most popular online social networking website with an estimated 1 billion users f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f 2.4B Facebook's servers A standard storage rack uses 8 kilowatts Facebook stores process 2.4 billion pieces of content and 500 TB of data over 100 petabytes of data of power every day 7 petabytes of storage are used for photos each month 8% of photos account for 82% of time spent looking photos Three-tiered storage system Hot - most-used data Warm - moderately-used data Cold - rarely-used data, shifted to cheaper servers In 2012, Facebook built a 62,000 square foot data center in Pineville to house cold storage 500 racks, each holding 2 TB of data. Each rack uses only 2 kilowatts of power. Amazon is estimated to use over 450,000 servers in 7 locations around the world Stores 40 billion objects Spent $86 million on servers in 2008 Increasingly using cloud services PBS uses AWS Around 40,000 servers Pinterest runs on AWS Over 17 million unique dedicated to running Amazon Web Services Streams video for 30 million users each monthly visitors - 410 TB of data on AWS month 40 petabytes of video per month Microsoft With at least / billion users, Microsoft is known as one of the largest software companies in the world. Runs over 500,000 Microsoft has spent servers over $15 billion on its data centers 1989 2006 2013 Building a $112 milion center in 2013 Built its first data center of 89,000 sq ft in 1989 Designed its own 500,000 sq ft data center for the first time in 2006 SOURCES: THE DOMAIN EXPERTS -60000-servers-retooling-for-the-future/?utm-source=feedburner&utm-medium=feed&utm-campaign=Feed%3A-DataCenterknowledg e+%28Data+Center+Knowledge2 ta-centers/

The World Largest Data Centers

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Did you know that a single data center can use almost as much electricity as a small town? Or that data centers often have a power density over 100 times that of a large office building? To learn mo...




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