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Working Hard, So We Can Hardly Work

WORKING HARD SO WE CAN HARDLY WORK ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: 2011 SALES OF INDUSTAIAL ROBOTS $8.5 BILLION IN SALES 166,000 UNITŞ 38% INCREASE FROM 2010 THERE ARE CURRENTLY 1.1 MILLION WORKING ROBOTS IN THE WORLD Robots sort through construction waste for reusable materials 50% OF ALL LANDFILL MATERIAL IN THE U.S. IS CONSTRUCTION WASTE 80%I OF CAR PRODUCTION IS COMPLETED BY MACHINES By using A.I., Hyundai Motors reduced delivery time by 20% and increased inventory turns from 3 to 3.4 "BAXTER 99 "HOYA ROBOT" A humanoid robot that is designed to work safely alongside people on factory production lines. It can be trained in less than 30 minutes by applying common sense and by adapting to the environment. South Korea's Hoya Robot can enter $22,000 Al needs improvement before replacing traditional secretaries burning buildings, withstanding temperatures up to 320 F. It transmits image, sound, temperature, smoke, and gas data to firefighters up to 54 yards away. and assistants To teach Baxter a new job, a human guides OPERATOR? COMPANIES THAT USE AN AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEM OVER OPERATORS SAVE MORE THAN 50% IN COSTS PER CALL its arms to simulate the desired task, and presses a button to program in the pattern. of Iphone users use Siri 87% THE UNCANNY VALLEY THEORY the virtual assistant monthly, but Siri isn't integrated into your life. e.g. Siri doesn't remind you to grab your umbrella because the forecasts calls for rain INDUSTRIAL ROBOT 1 as robots become more and more lifelike, human familiarity increases..until the Uncanny Valley. At this point, familiarity plummets before rising back again. HUMANOID ROBOT 2 STUFFED ANIMAL 3 CORPSE 4 Siri is currently at the Prosthetic Hand stage ZOMBIE 5 BUNRAKU PUPPET 6 PROSTHETIC HAND 7 HEALTHY PERSON 8 Globally, due to automation and robotics 3-5 MILLION JOBS EXIST 300,000 people are estimated to already be employed in industrial robotics with 45,000 more jobs to be added by 2018 HOPEFULLY, ROBOTS LIKE BAXTER CAN HELP TO BRING MANUFACTURING BACK TO THE U.S. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE THE HUMAN BRAIN: 85.9 BILLION NEURONS 70,000 THOUGHTS A DAY JUST LIKE US. BUT BETTER. Neuroscientists behind the Blue Brain Project in Switzerland believe they can rebuild the human brain neuron by neuron, creating a virtual brain in a super-computer. CAN CONTROL AND READ REAL EMOTIONS AN ESTIMATED 10 BILLION NEURONS HAVE BEEN REBUILT Computer simulation of the brain could be up to 100 years away Eliezer Yudkowsky, Al activist, theorist and writer: believes that once the brain has been simulated, the process could be sped up by computers up "by a factor of a million, easily" LEARN MORE ABOUT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE WORKFORCE: PRESENTED BY ClickSoftware CLICKSOFTWARE.COM/AI Making Service Click Sources 105-10369604-1.html DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Working Hard, So We Can Hardly Work

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This infographic provides a deeper look into how artificial intelligence is transforming industries.


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