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Wordpress: The Facts

A Dashboard WordPress W Tages NOTABLE EVENTS Links 6 Categories 16 Tags 2003 Pages Matt Mullenweg and Mike Litte fork the Comments 754 blogging software b2 to create WordPress. The first official release was 8.5 Theme Social u are usina Appearand V.0,7 ismet WordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MYSQL. WordPress is the most popular CMS in use today powering nearly 8.5% of all websites on the net. hemes com 2004 dgets Version v1.0 was enus released with v1.0.1 code named Miles Davis shortly after heme Option itor Ping-O-Matic is released to notify search engines of new blog content Which WordPress? bbPress which is a forum application based heavily on WordPress is released v1.2 Mingus released in May contained many changes and improvements chief of which were the plugin system VS. WordPress is open source content management software that is free to download from is a popular and free blogging service that uses the software named WordPress 2005 v1.5 Strayhorn included the Kubrick default theme and a new static page feature v2.0 Duke added rich editing and image uploading Akismet launched with the aim of stopping the growing menace of comment spam 10,935 Available Plugins is launched from private beta Matt Mullenweg and others form a company called Automattic 111,229,332 TOTAL PLUGIN DOWNLOADS 2006 Automattic hires former Yahoo executive Toni Hello Dolly was the very 1st plugin available and simply printed random lyrics from the song "Hello Dolly" to the WordPress Admin screen Schneider as CEO Automattic raises Popular Plugins Downloads $1.1m in funding ALL IN ONE SEO PACK 5,928,058 The first WordCamp was held in San Francisco and was GOOGLE XML SITEMAPS 4,325,698 AKISMET 3,448,529 attended by over 300 people CONTACT FORM 7 2,381,235 SPAM NEXTGEN ALLERY 2,165,195 2007 WORDPRESS.COM STATS 1,864,693 v2.1 Ella was released in January and included improved content management options The WP SUPER CACHE 1,437,392 Akismet Spam service and plugin by Automattic has caught a total of 17,744,612,938 spam comments and averages ~18,000,000/mo WPTOUCH IPHONE THEME 1,053,052 GOOGLE ANALYTICATOR 1,006,020 WordPress won a Packt Open Source CMS award passes 1million users NOTABLE COMMERCIAL THEMES v2.1.2 was released to fix a major security vulnerability found in v2.1.1 Themes elegantthemes v2.2 Getz saw the arrival of the widget system that allowed WoO THEMES There are 1,217 Free themes in the WordPress theme directory with over 19,843,780 downloads. Press 5 users to add information to dynamic sidebar in themes Themes include: Arras 8 Graph Paper Press Themes containing sponsored links (Sponsored Themes) were removed from the Official WordPress Pop Theme, TwentyTen, LightWord, Thematic, Constructor, and Crowd Favorite Pixel ESTUDIOPRESS Theme Directory Commercial themes are available for ithemes v2.3 Dexter featured native tagging support purchase from a number providers. THESIS PREMIUM WORDPRESS THEMES Brian Gardner a Recently a number of theme "frameworks" have been developed that allow “child" themes to share the same feature set. WordPress theme HEADWAY THEMES themeforest developer forms StudioPress to create and sell commercial ORGANICTHEMES WordPress themes Thad Allender forms Graph Paper Press focused on Photography and Video commercial WordPress Themes Interface Evolution 2008 v2.5 Brecker saw a WordPress Dashboard my weblog Post Bat Canorien Links Uaere Optione Temple Mr Profie Vew site Lonsut (atmin) brand new interface Visit Site Create New Post designed by Happy Cog Studios my weblog vien ie ) Howdy, ad Write Manage Design Comments Post Page Link Dashboard Write Manage Links Presentation Plugins Users Options Import v2.6 Tyner added new CMS features like post Write Post Write Page Write Post revisions Write Post Title W Test Installation Bearch Engines lecked Chris Pearson creates Thesis Theme under Title New Post Howdy, Craig Log Out Berea Drat Bave Pive Sereen Options Help O Dashboard A Dashboard Post the DIYThemes brand TrackkaniaRRanta Dashboard W my weblog - Vist eite vodates Right Now QuickPress passes Diseussion Content 4million users 1 Post 1 Comment Upload/Insert O A Dashboard Add New Post Media 1 Page 1 Approved Content P Links O Pages O Comments 1 Category O Pending O soam WooThemes is formed O Tags * Posts by Adii Pienaar, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester to Mullenweg Theme Twenty Ten with 6 Widgets Edit Change Theme Tags Add New Reset B Appearance O Pugias 8 Users TA Tools Upload/Insert O You are uting WordPress 3.0 Save Draft create and sell Tags Categories Recent Comments Commercial WordPress Recent Drafts rem Me WordPress on Hello weeld! themes Press75 was formed to 13,409,950 sell Commercial themes created by Jason Schuller v2.7 Coltrane introduced an Automated Upgrade and Plugin install feature as well as new internal interface design Downloads of WordPress 3.0 and counting at a rate of approx. 2/second Themes not complying with the GPL license requirements were removed from the Official WordPress Theme directory Notable Sites 2009 v2,8 Baker saw speed improvements and a redesigned widgetforbes IHONE AVoeRALD TOOLS MONEY CAME BVEST WISELY EN ESPAS :BlackBerr. In tosh O w Investing Dn connect interface PGA TOUR TED The New York Times TechCrunch Pepsi BlackBerry Kobe Byant Levi's National Geographic OnStar Forbes JAY-Z WPTaven Entertainment Weeky Get Satisfaction Wheaton Wheaton College WordPress won the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Packt best Open Source CMS Award KB24.COM Levrs MOTOPIA BuddyPress was released by Andy Peatling in April 2009 and added popular TELGONS TO REFRESH BLOG QHollywood Inside WAY Srek bows to 12 mition, Ma social network/ WordPress Tavern JAY-Z community features to a WordPress MU powered site TED HOME PAGE TODAYS PAPER VDEO MOST POPULAR TIMES TOPICS passes 9million users The New York Eimes TEDXChange: Learn m the Millennium The affiealaltetthe Prime Minister omes Development Goals WORLD U.S. N.Y. launches a fully managed and secure hosting platform for WordPress websites College The British Prime Minister The PGA Tech Cadgets Mobile Enterprise GreenTech CrunchBase TechCrunchTy GET SATISFACTION TechCrunch v2.9 Carmen added a built-in image editor and numerous Start Using WordPress improvements 2010 The non-profit WordPress Foundation Goto To and download the free Goto is formed by Matt Mullenweg to "further the mission of the WordPress open source project" The prome Try a managed WordPress hosting service like and sign-up for free software to install at the host of your choice foundation promotes the free access and right to modify and distribute the Pros: It's Free. Setup, Backups, Upgrades and Security are done for you. High Performance. Very popular. Pros: Full customization, Low Price for hosting Pros: Full customization. Setup, Backups, Upgrades and Security are done for you. High Performance WordPress Source code under the GPL license BuddyPress adds support for Single User WordPress Cons: Some limits on plugins and custom themes Cons: Setup, Backups, Upgrades and Security are your responsibility. Cons: Medium to High Price A nefarious plot to delay the release of v3 is uncovered. The dangerous mastermind turns out be a kitten References Credits v3.0 Thelonious merged WordPress MU into WordPress, added a new dynamic menu system and included a new default theme Data compiled by Chase Granberry of Authority Labs Search Rank Monitoring @authoritylabs called twentyten Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pearson creator of Thesis Theme face AuthorityLabs off on the issue of GPL compliance. Chris ultimately changes the license of his theme to "Split GPL" to comply Design by Joshua Strebel of WordPress Hosting @pagely with the letter of WordPress guidelines. Some say split GPL is still violating the spirit of the WordPress project pagely passes 11million users Published under the _content_management_duties.html Creative Commons SOME RIGHTS RESERVED rface/ Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Wordpress: The Facts

shared by kevin on Mar 23
Combines a timeline of the evolution of Wordpress, with some very interesting facts about the site and the software.


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