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Wooshping Presents NFC

WOosh ping is proud to present: Near Field Communication What's all that, then? Near Field Communication, or NFC, gives retailers and businesses the ability to engage directly with customers through a simple tap of their phone. NFC is a way to bring the real world and online world together. It's already in lots of devices and more every day! By 2015 there will be 1 billion NFC enabled devices in the market. In today's connected world, NFC will be everywhere. illi Let's take a look at NFC in action: TIME FOR A NEW BIKE! A Wooshping NFC campaign gives businesses the ability to deliver incredibly simple customer interactions in-store. ROAD MAMIL Bicycles Since 1972 Awesome! Know their stuff! O Have everything in stock! 1 9001 likes You like this ***** @roadmamil Best. @roadmamil The cat loves her new basket! average on Yelp 72 reviews Name. Ever! NFC is good for customers! NFC can be the first point of contact and offers customers a rich online interaction, putting product information, reviews, media galleries, and real-time social network integration at their fingertips. Product info Reviews Images/Video Product info Reviews Images/Video Really light weight, perfect for hill climbs! A 3 weeks ago OMG i halved my time trial XRS Frame XRT Frame $1,200 RRP $1,500 RRP run on this!! Love it!! Share Share O Yesterday NFC is good for retailers! Acting as an in-store assistant, Wooshping can present customers with information and offers they would usually look for on the web, right when they need it most, at point of sale. Pedal options Tyre options XR6 G1 XR6 ORG XR6 OR XR6 ORX Saddle options Brake options XR6 comfort saddle XR6 highspeed XR6 C2 XR6 OR XR6 UA This interactivity gives retailers critical, real-time point-of-sale information and analytics, allowing you to really get to know your customers and their buying habits. Value Adding A Wooshping campaign enables best-in-class retailing to occur in real time. Customers can gain easy access to relevant offers and promotions for instant reward. Become a MAMIL member for exclusive offers! Sign in with Facebook Deals & bundles for XRS frame: Free in-store assembly 20% off selected accessories | NFC is good for manufacturers! Finding out what's HOT and what's NOT. Manufacturers can quickly track how different products are competing and monitor customer feedback in real-time, making sure their products are competitive and appealing for their target customers. WOosh ping analytics Supplier's breakdown and summary Ask Wooshping about campaigns using NFC by visiting us at

Wooshping Presents NFC

shared by rupert.englander on Jun 18
Wooshping helps businesses interact with their customers through a simple tap of their phone through NFC. NFC is good for Consumers, Retailers, and Manufacturers and this infographic explains how.


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