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This Will Make You Feel Old

THIS WILL MAKE YOU YOU FEEL OLD THE TIMES, THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’ IIIIILPDLEEEEI BOB DYLAN THE LEGENDARY SONGWRITER WAS LIKELY TALKING ABOUT SOCIAL TRENDS, BUT LITTLE DID HE KNOW THAT HIS EPONYMOUS SONG WOULD BE SO PROPHETIC. HERE'S A LOOK AT THE CULTURAL STAPLES OF YORE. CAME OUT IN: 1977 MADE BY: Apple Computer, Inc. RECEPTION SINCE THEN BYTE "APPLE II IS AN APPLIANCE CONPUTER" Apple's business has blossomed, including Byte magazine called the primitive Apple II prototype the first product to qualify as an "appliance innovations in all areas of APPLE II computing and a 2013 total revenue of $57.6 billion. computer." Machines#page/n11/mode/2up CAME OUT IN: 1980 MADE BY: NAMCO Namco RECEPTION SINCE THEN The title outsold Asteroids as the Pac-Man stands as a precursor to the video game Renaissance that best-selling game in North America, grossing over $1 billion in quarters within the has since fostered multi- national and multi-billion dollar next 10 years. PAC-MAN titles, becoming staples of popular culture. http://b Pld-M_bFdsP9L70c CAME OUT IN: 1986 MADE BY: Nintendo Nintendo RECEPTION SINCE THEN Zelda and other adventure titles THE LEGEND OF ZEL continue to perform well, Zelda in particular continuing to make hay for THE LEGEND OF ZELDA The critically acclaimed title sold over 6.5 million copies in its release, bolstered by its 5/5 star rating from Allgame. Nintendo with releases such as Twilight Princess and A Link Between Worlds. CAME OUT IN: 1974 as the "Magic Cube" MADE BY: Erno Rubik RECEPTION SINCE THEN The world's enthusiasm with puzzle games has continued with popular titles such as Candy Crush Saga, Zuma, and Threes!, all digital advancements on the concept. The puzzle became a popular novelty, with an estimated RUBIK'S CUBE one-fifth of the world's population having played the cube in the 1980s. CAME OUT IN: 1985 MADE BY: HH Microsoft MICROSOFT. RECEPTION SINCE THEN Numerous successors have ПШШИ been developed, culminating today in Windows 8. The original iteration of the ubiquitous OS was actually panned for its demanding system requirements, slow performance when multi- tasking, and pervasive use of Alongside mouse and text control, it enables touch interaction and handles IWINDOWS 1.0 multi-tasking quite well. a mouse. http://support.micros oft. com/kb/32905 CAME OUT IN: 1989 MADE BY: Nintendo Nintendo RECEPTION SINCE THEN SOLD The unit was a phenomenon, selling out all 300,000 units in its fırst two weeks in Japan, and selling 40,000 units on its first day in the US. The Gameboy has developed with the times, now including two screens, touch interface GAMEBOV capability, 3D graphics, and a robust game library. ents-the-history-of-game-boy?page-2 CAME OUT IN: 1971 MADE BY: MB Milton Bradley RECEPTION SINCE THEN The infectious theme song was a mainstay of 1990's childhoods, but the clumsy mechanics and lengthy play rendered it just another blip on the radar. Competitive gaming has since gone digital, with titles such as League of Legends netting 32 million players monthly. CROSSFIRE CAME OUT IN: 1998 MADE BY: BZAKD | Blizzard Entertainment RECEPTION SINCE THEN The popular title sold 1.5 million copies worldwide in 1998, hitting 9.5 million over the next decade, and The successor to the critically acclaimed game, Starcraft 2, has built an entire spectator culture around its gameplay, with last year's global champion Kim Yoo Jin earning $100,00o. STARCRAFT receiving 9/10 scores from IGN, GamePro, and Allgame. CAME OUT IN: 1996 MADE BY: id| id Software RECEPTION SINCE THEN The cult hit was a mainstay of early gaming culture, and ratings reflected its quality with a 93.6% rating at GameRankings and a 94 from the discerning review body of Metacritic. Quake's chat system remains in use, while its primitive graphics have been refined, spurring a multi-billion dollar industry of fırst-person shooter games. QUAKE$1-Billion-in-Revenue-on-Day-One--Says-Activision.html CAME OUT IN: 1994 MADE BY: Various RECEPTION SINCE THEN A13 The short-lived fad saw a number of converts, with POGS fast-food chain McDonald's even issuing commemorative "slammers" during the release of the movie Apollo 13. Pog-mania has since passed, but simple social games live on in the form of Words with Friends, QuizUp, and Angry Birds. Pogs: The Milkcap Guide, "invented by Laura Donahue" chapter 7. Andrews and McMeel, 1994 pollo-13.html AS OUR TASTES EVOLVE, SO TOO DOES TECHNOLOGY. THE FADS AND PHENOMENA OF OUR PAST LIVE ON STILL IN NEW, IMPROVED, AND DIGITAL FORMATS, CONTINUALLY HOLDING OUR ATTENTION SPANS, AND MAKING NEW MEMORIES ALONG THE WAY. Website Hosting

This Will Make You Feel Old

shared by singlegrain2013 on Apr 24
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Every now and again a gentle reminder comes along to let us know that we’re just not as young as we used to be. That game system we played so much as child, or that toy that came out that we remembe...




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