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why you must have a mobile friendly WordPress site

Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Site Mobile Usage Statistics 60 67 of users access Internet of users are more likely to use from mobile devices. a service or make a purchase from a mobile-friendly site. $ OO0 61 57 of users redirect to a competitor's of users say they won't website if the site they visit is not recommend a business with a mobile friendly. poorly designed mobile website. Hours Connected to the Internet Benefits of a Mobile-friendly Website TV.. . 1.5 Hours 1 PCs 1.5 Hours As mobile websites are specifically designed to look and perform well on handheld devices, they deliver Mobile. .1.5 Hours the best possible experience to users. Having an excellent navigation control and incorporating Others. ....1.5 Hours mobile-specific features like click-to-call, a mobile-friendly site not only makes it easy for Mobile Commerce Sale customers to contact you, but also lets them easily 2010 - 2016 access any kind of content without the need to zoom in or out. $31 Billion $25 Billion $19 Billion $14 Billion With Google's mobile-friendly update, it has become $10 $3.6 Billion Billion $3 Billion perfectly clear that mobile-friendly websites get a boost in their mobile search rankings. Even, to inform users whether or not a website is mobile-friendly, Google adds a "mobile-friendly" text label under the URL of a mobile-optimized website in the search result's snippet. So without a mobile-friendly design, 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 users are less likely to visit a site on mobile devices. By 2017 Mobile Commerce Will Account For24. 4% of Overall Commerce Revenues 3 Mobile Marketing Statistics When a user tries to browse a regular desktop website on a mobile device, it either loads very slowly or sometimes not at all. This happens because the website code is not structured to work with mobile of companies have devices. On the other hand, a mobile-optimized 68% integrated mobile website is built with mobile screen dimensions and marketing into their mobile browsers' standards in mind. For the reason, marketing strategy. it takes lesser time to load as compared to a traditional desktop website. 4 of marketers believe 71% mobile marketing is When a user accesses your desktop website on a core to their business. mobile device, he gets frustrated due to the bad browsing experience and leaves the site immediately. But if your site is mobile-friendly, users are able to easily navigate through to access the desired content on their handheld devices. Thus, they stick to your website longer than usual. The longer visitors stay on of companies surveyed your website, the higher chances you have to convert 58% have a dedicated them into customers. mobile marketing team. If visitors don't find your website mobile-friendly, they simply go to one of your competitor's site instead of of all US digital ad turning their PC/laptop on to visit your ordinary desktop spending will be 72% site. On the other hand, a mobile-optimized website is represented by capable of capturing your visitors' attention and therefore, mobile advertising. it keeps you in a better position than your competitors. O f 7 8+ 5

why you must have a mobile friendly WordPress site

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Do you have a WordPress Site? Is it not Mobile Friendly? This simple infographic guide will show you the importance of having a Mobile Friendly Website.




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