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Why Mobile Users Are Leaving Your App and What to Do About It

Why Are Mobile Users Dropping Your App? ...Only a Billion Reasons.. Users are impatient Consumers spend 3 hours per day on mobile devices- 86% of it in apps 48% removed an app if it ran slowly Mobile devices are at least 3x slower than a laptop 32% looked for alternative apps There are 1,000,000,000,000 permutations in mobile that wired networks don't encounter Inside the Tornado: why is it So Hard to Provide a Consistently Fast Mobile Experience? FLTEO 4G Lhttp:/ LOLTEW Wi Fi Causes Effects Latency Poor Reliability LTEO 70-90% is in the Carriers can't guarantee a connection when people are on the move crossing networks, towers and signals wireless last mile Only 3% is packet loss 20,000 Devices x 100+ OS Combinations Users Can't Trust the Signal Bar The difference between l and 4 bars „dl means less than we think The matrix is growing at 20-25% Size Only Matters Sometimes Delivering a 1Ook image can take the same time as a 200k image per year Variability A 4G/LTE network has different characteristics and performance according to city, street location and time of day Mobile App Teams Can't Get off the Treadmill Without automation, it's impossible to keep up with new hardware and network changes Customer Device Issues A weak battery or memory level makes app content slower to load 5 Steps to Solving Last Mile Mobile Latency 1. Collect real-time information about your user's experience and the networks they use 2. Leverage machine learning and automated hypothesis testing (AHT) to identify what impacts performance 3. Deploy a 5. Rinse and system to automatically adjust for variations in 4. Keep an analytics dashboard to define and repeat-make changes as new devices & monitor technologies become available mobile important KPIS Sources twinprime

Why Mobile Users Are Leaving Your App and What to Do About It

shared by bhavacom on Jul 05
Consumers spend an average of 3 hours per day on mobile, and 86% of that time in apps. Due to the millions of constantly changing variables in mobile, mobile device speeds are at least 3x slower than ...


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