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Why the Future is in The Cloud

Marketing On Cloud 9 Why the future for consumers is in the sky Cloud computing refers to using the Internet to store data or run applications. With cloud computing, tangible servers are replaced by virtual servers, which can be accessed over the Internet. Why should you embrace the Cloud? Check out these facts and figures... There's a storm brewing The latest technology forecasts released by Cisco, Forbes, Gartner, Forrester and others all show how quickly global adoption of cloud computing is taking place. The future is in the Cloud and here are some stats on how it will keep growing. 2016 36% 7x $241 2012 billion 7% Content: Over one-third of global digltal content will be stored In the Cloud by 2016. 7% In 2012. Storage: The average per household wlll grow from 464 glgabytes In 2011 to 3.3 terabytes In 2016. Spend: The global market for cloud computing wll grow from $40.7 blllon In 2011 to more than $241 bllllon In 2020. (1) (2) (3) Forbes: Forrester Research: By 2020, most people will work using web-based applications instead of working with software on general-purpose computers. 79% of companies say that cloud cost savings "have been on par with original estimates or even exceeded original estimates." (4) (5) A not-so-cloudy concept With cloud computing, the services you need are delivered through the Internet. So, whether you're on your smartphone on the way to work, on your laptop in the office, or on your tablet on the couch, everything in the Cloud is at your fingertips. No need for complicated interfaces, expensive updates or servers - you just use a web browser. (6) The Cloud in 2012 Companies big and small are making the move to the Cloud. The trend is undeniable and the benefits are real. Check out the stats below to see (A) which companies are revolutionizing cloud computing, (B) why marketers are quickly gravitating towards cloud services, and (C) the geographic imbalance in readiness to adopt this technology. Multi-Device Support Data can seamlessly be shared across devices via the Web - no hard drives or other local storage. Microsoft VMware The Low Cost Secure Linode Cloud GoogleRed Hat With cloud-specific security, companies have the same control, if not more, than with offline technology. A web-enabled device and internet Rackspace Verizan access is all you need have access to cloud tools. SalesforomazZon Citrix Systems B) Top 3 attributes of the Cloud A) Top 10 companies in cloud computing according to marketers (8) (7) 7.42 9.37 8.42 1.69 5.62 2.10 C) How ready are we for the Cloud? (Avg. download speed - Mbps) (9) This is how they do it Well-known brands are successfully using cloud-based tools - here are three examples: SEPCO Liz Karschner, Marketing & Social Media Manager of SEPCO, explains how HubSpot allowed her to take control of SEPCO's marketing and get it moving in the right direction. Karschner states that HubSpot provides everything she needs in terms of analytics and a comprehensive marketing solution. HubSpot's cloud integration means that she can access and control SEPCO's marketing anywhere there is internet access! (10) Whistler Blackcomb This ski resort located 125 km north of Vancouver manages nine active social networks. When the resort initiated a multi-tiered social media campaign – the Deep Winter Photo Challenge - in addition to the daily live Tweeting, event and news updates, and customer services tasks, the HootSuite dashboard was the tool of choice to maximize efficiency and resources. Hootsuite's cloud solution allowed Whistler's team to access Hootsuite from any device and engage with its audience in real-time. (11) Whole Foods Whole Foods was one of the first brands on Pinterest and has already attracted over 50,000 followers. The company has 43 boards and almost 970 pins that have created a personality for the brand that reflects their core values. Marketing Director Michael Bepko curates all of the company's pins, and can contribute to Whole Foods' boards wherever and whenever he finds inspiration. (12) created and sponsored by 4überflip Sources (1) cloud (2) cloud (3) RES58161 (4) RES58161 (5) s-for-cloud-computing-it-depends/ (6) ile-tablet-collaboration-10022576-1.html (7) -computing-2012-4#10-verizon-owns-a-lot-of-the-servers-and-the-pipes-1 (8) ting-is-the-future-093328 (9) (10) (11) (12)

Why the Future is in The Cloud

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The infographic provides insightful facts and figures about the adoption rates of cloud computing, the readiness of different markets, as well as some case studies on companies that have utilized the ...




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