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Why Custom Design is Best For Your Business? [Infographic]

Octal Info Solution Technology Outsourcing Simplified WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE A CUSTOM DESIGN FOR YOUR BUSINESS Design - can make or break a business, but still the examples of shoddy designs are many. There are no substitutes for custom designs as other alternatives have been already been used extensively to fill the real estate, which is fortunately or unfortunately unlimited on the Internet. Stock photos belong to an era gone-by, and I may not be the only one who finds stock photos of suit-clad employees in the boardroom boring. User's attention is increasingly getting a rare commodity, and your only chance of generating a decent user-engagement is the design. Income directly depends on the design Things sells on From 10 people 8 make their 800% choice based on the fact how does the product look and the presentation of its services. better and faster than unlovely thing Design importance in the world 20% Annually 30000 products enter Problems of these products are often at the stage of the design the marketplace, 80% of them always fail, in despite of excellent marketing research results 80% What the custom web design is? That's development of an individual product, which develops considering you product features Unique design elements creation Brand name creation and your product/service memorability (development) Design for CMS is recommended Site development for CMS Wordpress or Joomla helps you to save from $2000 - $50000 a year on programmers work How much time does it take in average It costs equal time to create lovely and unlovely 10h. thing Why does it cost that much? You do understand the difference between Toyota Prius and Lamborghini Aventador how much attracts the first variant and the other one. And guess which car deserves more respect? If you want to get an easy-memorable site, that will leave a mark in a memory then do not skimp on design How to evaluate such a work One of the key factors which help to evaluate website development cost Personal Corporate Website Website Responsive $443 - $4900 $490 - $5500 Wordpress or Joomla Promo Brand Ui or Website Service $378 - $4100 $594 - $6436 Get quote for custom designs More specifically you can form own price by selecting desired sections for developing own website. Absolutely free of charge and only in 2minutes. on

Why Custom Design is Best For Your Business? [Infographic]

shared by octalsoftware on Jan 22
Why to invest time and money when Internet is flooded with pre-designed templates, images, themes, forms etc.? Without custom design, you lose a distinction called personalization.


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