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Why build local clean tech industries?

THE $6.4 TRILLION CLEAN TECHNOLOGY MARKET IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES $6.4 TRILLION expected to be invested over 19% the next decade Growth in clean technology investments $1.6 in developing countries in 2012 TRILLION ACCESSIBLE TO SMALL- AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES (SMES) By building LOCAL CLEAN TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIES, developing countries have an opportunity to build resilience to climate change and grow sustainably INVESTMENT EXPECTED FOR CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES THROUGH 2023 BIOFUELS B 1414 28 BILLION NATURAL GAS VEHICLES 6 26 32 BILLION BUS RAPID TRANSIT 6 34 40 BILLION SOLAR THERMAL 40 18 59 BILLION ELECTRIC BIKES 62 62 124 BILLION SOLAR CSP 45 91 135 BILLION BIOENERGY 92 60 152 BILLION GEOTHERMAL 92 100 192 BILLION ELECTRIC VEHICLES 6 253 260 BILLION WASTE O 59 249 308 BILLION SMALL HYDRO 218 100 318 BILLION SOLAR PV # 147 329 476 BILLION SMES ONSHORE WIND t 153 518 671 BILLION LARGE COMPANIES WATER 152 641 793 BILLION WASTEWATER 527 2.221 2,748 BILLION Access to Laboratories for Energy Clean Water SMES PLAY KEY ROLES innovation in clean technology DEVELOPMENTAL BENEFITS Serve local and base of the pyramid markets High Quality Jobs Resilience Potential for high growth and creation of quality jobs to Climate Change TOP 3 PROMISING CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES, FOR SMES BY REGION $ BILLIONS WASTEWATER t SMALL HYDRO GEOTHERMAL SMALL HYDRO WASTEWATER WASTE $66 SME $255 SME $415 $195 SME WASTEWATER WATER SOLAR CSP SME $103 SME ONSHORE WIND SOLAR PV ELECTRIC BIKES $235 SME $349 SME ONSHORE WIND SOLAR PV WASTEWATER The amounts on WASTEWATER SMALL HYDRO WATER the map indicate regional market opportunities for SMES through WASTEWATER BIOENERGY WATER Strategy to support local green industries should encompass all of these 2023 LEGAL & REGULATORY FRAMEWORK ENTREPRENEURSHIP MARKET HOW TO SUPPORT LOCAL CLEAN TECHNOLOGY SMES AND INDUSTRIES? & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ACCELERATION TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT FINANCE (infoDev Growing Innovation WORLD BANK GROUP

Why build local clean tech industries?

shared by worldbank on Sep 18
From infoDev (, a global innovation and entrepreneurship program of the World Bank Group. This infographic is part of a report that assesses the potential market for 15 emerging clean ...




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