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Why American Internet is Lagging

WHY AMERICAN DEVELOPED BY Brought to you by N NOWSOURCING 22 INTERNETPROVIDERS.COM $158.9 INTERNET IS LAGGING KEY V Download Speed A Upload Speed And What We Can Do to Fix It ~ V US Download Speed US Upload Speed Monthly Rate (USD) 110 TOP GLOBAL DOWNLOAD SPEEDS CHEAPEST GLOBAL CITIES FOR TRIPLE PLAY 100 100 100 CHEAPEST US CITIES 10% 100 90 of Americans cannot get basic broadband. 80 $77.99 |$73.94 According to one provider, the cost of upgrading capacity isn't worth it if there aren't enough subscribers. 70 $68.44 $65.60 60 $750,000 50.0 45.9 42.1 43.0 $43.04 MOST EXPENSIVE US CITY Estimated cost of adding 40.9 a new DSL terminal 36.7 34.5 $40.36 40 34.2 $35.78 30.0 $34.47 #11 30 By 2015 online retail is expected to be worth 20.0 $25.43 20.0 20 15.9 $279 BILLION 6.0 6.0 6.0 7.0 10 5.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 2.0 It is now difficult to get a good education or apply for a job without internet access. %24 ISP Balti-com Virgin Free LGplus Telia AT&T AT&T AT&T Verizon Verizon BAD CONNECTION = BAD ECONOMY Network Tech Cable Fiber Fiber Fiber DSL DSL DSL DSL DSL Fiber A DIVIDED NÓ COMPETITION AME/RICA WHAT CAN WE DO? The Federal government could pursue three goals: WHY IS AMERICA BEHIND? Communication gap exaggerates economic inequality 1. 3. 6/10 of poor households (annual income below 25k) have no wired internet access. NÓ REGÚLATION FCC must make reasonably priced, high-speed access available to everyone FCC must foster more competition Remove barriers to 93% of wealthy households (annual income exceeding 100k) have wired internet access. investment in local fiber networks MBPS Hong Kong Andorra Singapore Lithuania S Korea Japan USA Riga London Paris Seoul Copenhagen Lafayette Chattanooga San Francisco Los Angeles New York

Why American Internet is Lagging

shared by NowSourcing on Mar 08
American internet is miles behind many other countries. Don't you want to know why?


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