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Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

LANGUAGES WHAT IS PROGRAMMING? 2 PYTHON ( JAVA php PHP OK C++ WHICH PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Writing very specific instructions to a very dumb, yet obedient machine. JS JAVASCRIPT C OBJECTIVE-C C# RUBY SHOULD I LEARN FIRST? Start with Scratch, then move on to... I don't know, just pick one for me Nope. Just want to get started START I prefer to learn things... For my kids Just for fun Which platform/field? The easy way The best way WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEARN Have a brilliant PROGRAMMING? I'm interested I want to work for big tech companies idea/platform in mind? Get a job The slightly harder way Front-end (web interface) Improve myself Make money Auto or Manual car? 3D/Gaming I have a startup idea! Which platform/field? YES Auto Manual Doesn't matter, Web NOT SURE I just want $$$ Do you want to try something new with huge potential, but less mature? Back-end Mobile Which OS? NO The really hard way (but easier to pick up other languages in the future) Corporate ("brain" behind a website) I'm a fan! C- Which one is your favourite toy? jos Android Web I want to work for... Not Bad What do you think about Microsoft? YES JS Does your web app provides info in real-time, like twitter? Enterprise I've an old & ugly toy, but i love it so much! Startup Lego Play-Doh NO Suck php THE LORD OF THE RINGS ANALOGY TO PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES JS php Python Ruby Man (Middle Earth) ***** PHP Java Gandalf C.. JavaScript C# Elf Objective-C DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY The Ent ***** One Ring Saruman **** Hobbit ***** Orc ***** Smaug Help little Hobbits (beginners) to understand programming concepts Wants peace & works with everyone (portable) Ugly guy (language) and doesn't respect the rules (inconsistent and unpredictable) The power of C is known to them all Beautiful creature (language), but stays in their land, Rivendel (Microsoft Platform) Everyone thinks that he is the good guy Frequently underestimated (powerful) Very emotional creature Lives in Moria (Apple ecosystem) Well-known for the slow, gentle life of the Shire (web browsers) Everyone wants to get its Power But once you get to know him, you will realize he wants the power, not good They (some Ruby developers) feel they are superior & need to rule the Middle Lonely and loves gold Very popular on all platforms, Os, and devices due to its portability Help Wizards (computer scientists) to Lingua franca of programming language conduct researches deeds A popular choice for enterprise to create websites and Windows Earth Big headache to those (developers) to manage them (codes) Primary language used by Apple for Mac Oś x & ios One of the most in demand & highest paying programming languages "Java and Javascript are similar like Car and Carpet are similar" - Greg Hewgill Widely regarded as the best programming language for beginners One of the oldest and most widely used language in the world Complex version of C with a lot more features application using NET framework Mostly known for its popular web framework, Ruby on Rails Choose this if you want developing iOš or OS X apps only Yet still dominates the Middle-earth focus on Can be used to build website with (most popular web scripting language) Easiest to learn Most popular clients-side web scripting language Slogan: write once, work everywhere Focuses on getting things done Widely used for developing games, industrial and performance-critical applications ASP.NET, a web framework from Microsoft Suitable for building small and simple sites within a short time frame Consider to learn Swift (newly introduced by Apple in 2014) as your next language Popular language for system and hardware programming Widely used in scientific, technical & academic field, i.e. Artificial Intelligence A must learn for front-end web developer (HTML and CSS as well) Similar to Java in basic syntax and some features Designed for fun and productive coding Supported by almost every web hosting services with lower price A subset of C++ except the little Learning C++ is like learning how to manufacture, assemble, and drive a Best for fun and personal projects, startups, and rapid development details One of the hottest programming language now, due to its increasing popularity as server-side language (node.js) You can build website using Django, a popular Python web framework Learn C# instead of Java if you are targeting to work on Windows platform only car Recommended only if you have a mentor to guide you POPULARITY USED TO BUILD POPULARITY USED TO BUILD POPULARITY USED TO BUILD POPULARITY USED TO BUILD POPULARITY USED TO BUILD POPULARITY USED TO BUILD POPULARITY USED TO BUILD POPULARITY USED TO BUILD POPULARITY USED TO BUILD ***** ***** ***** ***** **** ***** Paypal, front-end of majority websites Most iOS Apps and part of Mac OS **** **** YouTube, Instagram, Spotify Enterprise and Wordpress, Wikipe- dia, Flickr Gmail, Minecraft, Most Android Apps, Enterprise applica- tions Operating systems and hardware Operating systems, hardware, and browsers Hulu, Groupon, Slideshare Windows applica- tions AVG. SALARY AVG. SALARY AVG. SALARY AVG. SALARY AVG. SALARY AVG. SALARY AVG. SALARY AVG. SALARY AVG. SALARY $107,000 $102,000 $102,000 $104,000 $99,000 $94,000 $107,000 $89,000 $107,000 ACTUALLY... IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER HOW YOU START. TO GET STARTED, CHECK OUT THE FULL LIST OF BEST TUTORIALS AND TOOLS FOR EACH PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE AT: CARLCHEO.COM/STARTCODING You need to know at least few languages to understand the underlying concepts. Just get your feet wet! SPECIAL THANKS TO Prithviraj Udaya for his awesome The Lord of the Rings analogy on Quora PRESENTED BY SOURCES Salary data from | | | IMAGES |

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

shared by carlcheo on Dec 30
Is Python the Ent? This is a beginner-friendly flowchart to help newbies to choose their first programming language easily. With The Lord of The Rings analogy as well.


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