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Which Female Tech Influencer Are You?

Which Female Tech Influencer Are You? Are You? START HERE Altnougn Miss soutn carolina tninks U.S. Americans Do you own a Blackberry, Android, or iPhone? Social Network or Shopping Site What is the first site you visit each moming? What's the Interweb? need more maps, we believe you shouid know what the internet is, before associating yourseir witn one of these influencers. Search Engine or News Site WIRED 00 Do you visit Gawker or ValleyWag? What's your favorite magazine? bing Google or Cnet VOGUE What's your must have bag? CGAMRER Mode of transportation? THE NEW YOAKER Siesta Power Nap or Siesta Laptop Bag Back- pack Clutch VALLEYWAG POwer Nap CES, SXSW. AVN, or NY Fashion Week? Subway Jimmy Choos or running shoes? AR CES SXSW NY FASHION WEEK Which hairstyle do you prefer? Femaie Tecn White wine spritzer or tequila with worm? Influencers are sure to cross their t's and their legs. Better uck next year, Jenna Jamesont What do you enjog doing outside of work? Blonde or Cropped Brunette or Layered Black w/ Bump Who is your dream man? snow shoes Attending Philanthropic Events won't get you The ony tning anywnere this nair stye w Hosting Dinner Parties fast. Right get you is a Saranm Real Estate Investor fist pumpi 2) Traveling To Ibiza CEO >(2 What is your dream schoolalma mater? FTraining For Marathons МшкN P Hedge-Fund Executive Attending MLB Games Internet Start-up Entrepreneur STANFORD UNIVERSITY HARVABD PRINCEION UNIVERSITY Chicago Cubs Fan Where did you grow up? Socialite What term best describes you? Music Scenester (3 Fashion Addict PR Guru (2 Everyone's "Friend" You Are... e You Are... Marissa Mayer Sheryl Sandberg (co0 of Facebook) You are everyone's "friend", and a good one at that (or anything you do for that matter) There is no task that you can't handle, in the office or at home. You notoriously respond to allemals in a timely manner, wish friends a happy birthday before anyone else does, and stal find time to host an intimte dinner party after work. You live by the mantra of "who needs sieep anyway (Google VR Geogrephic & Local Services) Breaking the mold is what you do best. When you are not working relentlessy at your job, you can be found training for marathons, or attending philanthropic events. You have great interest in search, technology, and product development. You list Oscar de la Renta as 3 You Are... Natalie Massenet ( Founder) California-giri turned queen of the Hil (Notting Hl that is, dahling). You eat, sleep, and breathe fashion, and technology. Known for working hard in order to your favorite designer, and thought the Google CFDA collaboration was brilliant. get what you want, you are living proof that the right idea (mixed with the right outfit) can revolution- ize the fashion industry. Oh, and your wardrobe could rival that of Rachel Zoe's You Are... You Are... Caroline McCarthy ( Journalst) (PR) Sarah Evans (PR Pro/Twitter Sweetheart) My-lcaguer, turned Brooklynite. You spend your days keeping up with the latest and greatest in You have a passion and unyielding work ethic when it comes to the world of Public Relations. When you are not networking, speaking at industry events, or tweeting, you work relentlessy on Securing top-quality press for your clients. You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are admired bu all who have had the pleasure of knowing, meeting, or working with you. social media, entrepre- neurship, e-commerce, and Mumford and Sons. That's right, you refuse to be defined. Known for your wit and articulation, just as much as your taste in music, and a variety of other interests (marathon training and NY Fashion Week, to name a few) Created By: WPROM OTE ONLINE MARKETING www.WPROMOTE.COM 0000

Which Female Tech Influencer Are You?

shared by amie on Apr 05
Women are all over the work force these days and the tech industry is no exception. Follow this infographic's flow chart to find out which high powered tech woman you are most similar to and maybe so...




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