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Where's the STEM Gap Stemming From?

WHERE'S THE STEM GAP STEMMING FROM? STEM Science Technology Engineering Mathematics - YET - STEM is crucial for Businesses are struggling to find qualified STEM employees innovation in the U.S. Unemployment Through the Recession Overall STEM Jobs there are 3.6 FOR EVERY 1 1 FOR EVERY 1.9 unemployed individuals job listing unemployed individual job listings The Future Is Not Bright 75% "You can have all the latest technology you want, but if you don't have the talent behind it, your business is not sustainable." Ed Gordon, author of "Future Jobs: Solving the Employment and Skills Crisis" of the fastest growing occupations require significant mathematics or science preparation Expected Job Growth 2008-2018 STEM Jobs Needed by 2018 In millions 17% 51% 9.8%) 4 28% STEM NON- 13% STEM 6% Causing 2% 2.4 million Computer Engineers & Technicians Life/Phyisical Architects & Mathmatical Careers Scientists Surveyors Sciences unfilled job vacancies in the most influential occupations Where's the Gap's Source? Non-STEM Not education Not wages STEM Annually: Education Percent of workers earning more than the average for their education level Level 271,000 20% 40% 60% 80% Bachelor's degrees alone fall within STEM Less than HS HS/GED AND Some College 277,000 Associate's Bachelor's job vacancies within STEM fields at all education levels Master's Professional Doctoral So where's the gap? 100% 19% 10% 8% All students who enter college and obtain a BA Students who graduate with a BA in a STEM major STEM BA graduates working in STEM after college STEM BA graduates working in STEM after 10 years Competition for employees STEM workers are highly sought-after in all fields U.S. employers rank the following skills as: Extremely important Very important Important Somewhat important Not important Computer and electronic skills Math skills Science skills 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% STEM Direct STEM Other STEM Direct STEM Other STEM Direct STEM Other competitors competitors competitors Reducing STEM diversion Students will not necessarily select STEM careers simply because they are capable Interventions need to take a two-pronged approach: Educators must nurture Career-relevant Math and students with pre-existing personal or intellectual Science competencies must be made more accessible to a interest in STEM wider-audience of students Sources: Adecco Engineering & Technical better work, better life

Where's the STEM Gap Stemming From?

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 13
STEM is crucial for innovation in the US. However, business are struggling to find STEM employees. This infographic provides a deeper look into why this is the case.




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