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Where would we be without lasers?

Where would we be without LASERS? ROM Optical Media? Barcodes? NO MORE. NO MORE. CD ROM 166"0708 Blu-Ray Disks, DVD's, Computer games, anything that has to be read by a laser, would not exist. Doing your shopping would not be as quick without the speed of scanning a barcode. Entertainment? NOT AS EXCITING Your favourite festivals and concerts would never be the same without the laser lighting entertainment. You think that was all? Medical Science Industrial Including: Including: Including: • Repairing detatched retinas • Measuring air pollution • Phone call transmissions •Removing tattoos • Separating isotopes • Cutting, drilling. welding. • Configuring telescopes • Microsurgery • Levelling • Sensing the magnetic field · Blood cell counting • Guidance systems • Dentistry • Measuring the speed of light • Hologram creation This is what you didn't know No Skyscrapers No Space Advancement Without lasers, there would be nothing to cut large materials, to measure the height of large scale buildings and therefore, the landscape would look very different! With no skyscrapers or large buildings, large businesses would have to resort to being accomodated in large flat buildings, as a result of this, we would run out of room Technology would not be the way it is today without technology such as the CD. s would Punch cards or tapes v still be used to read our media and therefore storage and capacity would be a massive issue - especially with the amount of information stored digitally today! very quickly. Could we have ever landed on the moon without lasers to guide The Apollo mission? YORKSHIRE PROFILESW VISIT: WWw.YORKSHIREPROFILES.CO.UK drepamstpme

Where would we be without lasers?

shared by SamDickson on May 05
Lasers are an essential aspect in creative design, manufacturing and technical production. This infographic explores how we use lasers in the modern day, from entertainment, to shopping and even the t...




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