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When to Create a Mobile Website vs. Mobile App?

Marketer Dilemma: You Tube When to create a Mobile Website vs a Mobile App? What are you trying to achieve? Create a mobile-optimized brand experience. Increase engagement with loyal customer base & streamline conversions. Attract customers & increase conversion. 2 How will users interact with your content? 2012 growth 2011 usage 2011 usage 2012 growth Consider usage of mobile websites vs native apps across popular categories: Maps Weather D= 2 million smartphone users Social Networking Photo & Video Sharing These categories have seen the highest YOY growth (%). QO00 Electronic Payment 26% of apps are one-time-use. Online DO00 Retail Health Information These categories have seen the highest YOY growth (%). JU Food, Recipes & Cooking Tips NEWS News Search Users will mainly be accessing information. Users will be completing a task. 3 What & timeline? your budget $$ Limited & Strict. Ample & Flexible. Mobile websites reach many platforms with one build (although varying browser specs may affect layout). Greater resources are required to develop & maintain apps. and seperate builds are required for each OS. Maintenance of web content is more cost-effective. Will you require changes "on the fly"? App updates must be re-submitted for approval. Apps rely on users to accept updates. O NO Updates may be frequent & urgent. Will main functions require use of native phone features? Web updates are instant, offering immediacy & control. Camera & Video Recording Audio Recording Local Storage Augmented Reality (Scanner) Push Notifications Accelerometer Light (Camera Flash) Geo-Fencing Offline Access* *Can be leveraged in web apps, though restrictions apply. Website Mobile App NO O OYES Mobile ENERGEN Only ENERGEN by Boston Setentifie CRV gives yos flexible pacing configurations, uperi doteetion ef errhythmins, and ercellent longevity in che world's aallest and thinsest high energy device. The industry's bnget warany ENED TY V ODiscoverBOATING Loona WELCOMERWATER. The sleep tight game How to Buy vidro and Resourc 35 649 Tens of Bosts S ind at thew New you ean earn mere wwarde with your f oat toan Caleulater LOTTO GAMES Onatan enatn RGEN INSTANT fon sleep e rumbet Content is indexed by search engines for easy browser discoverability & better SEO. App portal discoverability for users who know "there's an app for that!" Transactions possible through credit card. Mobile apps can offer a fast, fluid performance once downloaded. Options: Mobile-optimized website or responsive re-build of full website. Seamless transactions through app portal. Potential to offer rich, highly interactive personalized experiences. Delivers branded content in a nimble user experience. OLSON Olson is one of the top 10 independent, full-service agencies in North America. We build and activate brand communities by blurring the lines of traditional marketing with equal parts strategy, creative and technology. Olson's deep mobile experience as one of North America's first mobile marketing agencies enables us to bring a new dimension to marketing - making it multiscreen, personal, portable and shareable. Resources: comScore Mobilens, Total USA, 13+ Audience, March 2013, 3-month average data MobileSTAT, Jumtap: March Madness 2013, "Flurry Five-Year Report: It's an App Word. The Web Just Lives In It" April 3, 2013

When to Create a Mobile Website vs. Mobile App?

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Which is a better investment? Which creates more engaging destinations? Which is “best”? From the perspective of an agency with experience in mobile website and mobile app development (as well ...


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